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Jack W. Tweeg is the main villain of the Teddy Ruxpin Media in which he is in competition with Newton Gimmick. He will always try to launch his cannonballs at him but always misses or they comeback at him if he's not careful. He also wanted to be part of an evil club known as M.A.V.O. (abbreviation for Monsters And Villains Organization). Tweeg also has a dimwitted sidekick called L.B., a Bounder.

Tweeg did numerous scheming in numerous episodes, like disguising himself as a phony remedy doctor who sells phony medicine and fake lemonade, an old lady, and a painter. He even steals candy from innocent creatures, only to be foiled by Wooly Whats-It.

In the episode, "Tweeg Joins M.A.V.O." Tweeg steals Newton Gimmick's book and takes it to M.A.V.O. headquarters. Quellor then welcomes Tweeg as the new guest. Tweeg then gets foiled by his evil plan when Gimmick steals back the book.

In the final episode "The Mystery Unravels" Tweeg attempts to get the gold back after L.B.'s wedding, but L.B. kicks him off Louie's helicopter and falls into the lake.

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