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Jack Noirette is a fictional character from Spanish TV serie, Boarding school...He is a villain, and one of main antagonist of serie...


Jack is adoptive father of Iavn, one of main protagonist of serie...He bought Ivan from his mother Maria, who was junkie, for money for dop...

Jack is one of major investors in company called Ottoks, a farmaceutical company, that is involved into Nazi crimes, conected to reaserche of Ginter Volf, grandfather of Marcos and Paula...The reaserch is called project Geminus, or Twins...It involves creating a twins, based on real life Nazi opsesion during World War 2...One of those twins are Hector and Sandra, mother of Marcos and Paula...

The story goes in place called Boarding school Black lake, where Nazi scinetist Ginter Wolf, with his asociates was experimenting on orphan children in the catacombs under the school...

Noirette holds his share of project, he also had took the charge of boardschool, and is in constant strugle betweeean him and major protagonist...

Noirette goes even furtherm by putting virus into boarding school...He also seduced directore of boardschool Elas, the daughter of one of Noirette colaborators Don Hoackin...


Jack is portrayed by Swiss reper and actor of Spanish origni Carlos Legal...Legal enjoyed so much his rolle of Jack, that he recorded a spot with actro that plays Ivan, his son, and several other characters from the show, called ,,Take a break Jack, descrabing how Noirette is evil, and galat in his deeds, and need a break from his crimes...