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Time Crisis 4 First Lieutenant Jack Mathers
What good is patriotism?
~ His words to Captain William Rush when asked about his patriotism

Jack Mathers is the second boss of Time Crisis 4. He appears as a muscular man wearing a brown tight-fitting t-shirt and a pair of silver shorts, donning a silver mohawk on his head.

He supervises the Biological Weapons Research regiment of the Hamlin Battalion. Mathers was once a hero in the past and extremely loyal to America. Serving Gregory Barrows, Mathers doesn't always listen when it comes to certain tasks (since he tends to be a fanatic type). Knowing that Barrows' orders are absolute, Mathers vows to listen and communicate with Barrows more closely. He is very muscular and had brutish pig-like features along with pointed ears. Jack is an expert wrestler, and is very handy with a two-barreled machine gun, mantis terror bites, and grenades. He was sent to guard the Biological Weapon Research Facility in Wyoming against those who oppose Barrows. It is unclear whether he died after the battle or merely fell unconscious and was arrested later.