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Jack Hyde is the main antagonist of the novels Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed (the two sequels to Fifty Shades of Grey) and also the arch-enemy of Christian Grey. Essentially, he is the main antagonist of the trilogy as a whole.

He is portrayed by Eric Johnson in the film adaptations of said novels.


Jack Hyde grew up in a foster home after his parents died. At some point, he met Christian Grey, who was placed in the same foster home. However, when Christian was adopted by the wealthy Grey family, Jack grew to resent them (Christian in particular).

Fifty Shades Darker

Jack Hyde first appears in Fifty Shades Darker as an editor for a publishing company called Seattle Independent Publishing (SIP). He interviews Anastasia Steele (the protagonist) and hires her as his personal assistant. He then starts behaving quite inappropriately towards her, such as constantly asking her out and calling her pet names (to be fair, she was rather unnerved by him to begin with). Eventually, Jack confronts Ana with her personal e-mails to Christian and forces her to have sex with him under threat of exposure. However, Ana is able to escape his clutches, and Christian (who had acquired SIP) has him fired. This causes Jack's resentment to grow enough to seek revenge on Christian. Christian soon discovers that Jack had been spying on him the entire time. Jack is spying on Christian's birthday party, and judging by Elena Lincoln's departure, he may have had a role in sabotaging the party.


Ana begins a new job as an assistant to Jack Hyde, an editor at Seattle Independent Publishing (SIP) whose previous three assistants all quit within the last 18 months.

As Jack and Ana are going for an after-work drink, Ana is approached on the street by a young woman resembling her. Christian arrives at the bar and acts coolly towards Jack, then quickly departs with Ana. He warns Ana about Jack's reputation, though she dismisses this. Ana is annoyed that Christian is considering buying Seattle Independent Publishing (SIP). Jack tells Ana she is expected to accompany him on a New York book expo trip, but after speaking with Christian, she agrees not to attend.

During the Grey Family's annual charity ball, as Ana goes downstairs, Jack can be seen wearing a mask and taking pictures of the Grey family's portrait, meaning that he is stalking Christian and intends to exact revenge on him over not being adopted by them.

When Ana tells Jack she won't be attending the expo with him, he (out of anger and jealousy) attempts to sexually assault her while they are alone at work, but she escapes. Christian exerts his influence to have Jack fired, and Ana is promoted to acting editor in Jack's place.

As fireworks erupt in the sky, Jack is last seen watching Christian's birthday party from afar and burns Christian's face through the Grey family picture with his cigarette, silently swearing revenge against Christian and Ana.

Fifty Shades Freed

Jack returns in Fifty Shades Freed.

To enact his revenge against Christian, Jack poses as a worker for a moving company and breaks into Christian's apartment. However, Christian's security team has him arrested and sent to jail, but not before he tries to claim that Ana sexually harassed him (which, of course, isn't true). He is later bailed out by Mr. Lincoln (Elena's ex-husband), who had secretly paid his bail out of spite towards Christian for his affair with Elena. After his release, Jack makes his move by kidnapping Mia (Christian's sister) for a $5 million ransom with the help of his former associate Elizabeth Morgan (whom he blackmailed). Ana rescues Mia, thereby foiling his plan.


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Jack is a very sleazy man, constantly blackmailing women by recording them while having sex with them. He also has a single-minded hatred towards Christian, believing that Christian took his life away from him, and went out of his way to get revenge.


I'm just not seeing the initiative in your part.
I'm talking about...going the extra mile.
~ Jack assuring Ana would go to great lengths to win her promotion
Unless you want me to...compete with Christian Grey...for your attention.
~ Jack expressing his disliking of Christian Grey towards Ana while closing the door
Your boyfriend has a little reputation...for being ruthless. Is that what you like?
~ Jack attempting to remind Ana of Christian's flaws
Whoa, why are you being so serious? What do you think I'm gonna do? Make you fuck me?
~ Jack's explicit assertion to Ana
I just think...I JUST THINK THAT....
~ Jack stopping Ana and uncomfortably trapping her at the door
If you're gonna fuck your way to parliaments, that you should do it with someone who can, at least, make you smarter...not just richer, right?
~ Ana propositioning Ana to sleep with him instead over her boyfriend Christian Grey
Don't what, hmm?
~ Jack threatening Ana she tells him not to touch her
Now this is a serious question...
Do you wanna be kept...or taken seriously? Hmm?
~ Jack giving Ana an uncomfortable choice regarding her work and personal life
Plus, I can make you come...better than nobody else has. Not him. Not anyone.
~ Jack's uncomfortable boast to Ana as he harasses her just before she kicks him to the ground



  • At the end of Fifty Shades Darker where Jack is visible during the fireworks scene, he is seen putting out a cigarette in the Grey family picture, burning a hole through Christian's face. It is ironic that as a child Christian was burned with cigarettes by his late mother's pimp, hence the scars on his chest.