Commissioner Jack Farley is a minor villain in the 1996 film adaptation of The Phantom.


Farley served as the Commissioner of the New York Police Department. He was extremely corrupt and secretly aligned with Xander Drax. Dave Palmer didn't know this, and made the mistake of confiding in him that he knew of Drax's interest in the Sengh Brotherhood and the Skulls of Touganda, information he'd gotten through Drax's librarian Dr. Fleming. Farley immediately reported to Drax about this, which led to Fleming being blinded for his betrayal, and Dave's niece Diana being abducted by Sala and the Sky Bandits.

Later, when Drax learned that the second Skull was at the museum, Farley tried to arrange to have the police empty the building so that Drax could break in at night to obtain it, but an excited Drax brushed Farley off, and brazenly went in to steal the Skull in broad daylight, much to Farley's annoyance.

When the Phantom came to New York City to rescue Diana, Drax told Farley to deal with him. The Commissioner gave Drax a police escort to the airport and also put out an APB about the Phantom, claiming he was a "madman on the loose." Thus many otherwise entirely honest cops came into conflict with the Phantom.

Farley's ultimate fate is unknown. He didn't go to the Devil's Vortex with Drax and the others, and stayed in New York.


  • Although he is indirectly responsible for the blinding of Dr. Fleming and the kidnapping of Diana Palmer and the endangering of everyone aboard her plane, he isn't punished in the movie's narrative. Since Diana saw him taking orders from Drax in Drax's office, it's possible she informed her uncle of the Commissioner's duplicity, and Dave could've easily used his newspaper to expose Farley's corruption, and, without Drax and the Zephro syndicate to protect him, Farley could've easily ended up being arrested, or at least forced to resign, however this is purely speculation. The Phantom in the elevator shaft had been spying on something to see Commissioner Farley talking with a woman and Xander Drax that maybe The Phantom as Kit Walker could testify against him.
  • The novelization by Rob MacGregor (where his first name comes from) implies that he'll face justice.