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Jack Danger (pronounced Don-gar) is the main antagonist of Season 2, Episode 8 of the comedy series Brooklyn 9.9.

He was portrayed by ???.


Jack Danger was an agent of USPIS (United States Postal Inspection Service, founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1772), a postal service in New York. He was made to work for Detectives Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle from the NYPD. The detectives first expect him to be extremely cool, but when he reveals the true pronunciation of his name - it means prudence in financial matters, but he does not realise the humiliating reality of his surname - they realise it is the opposite.

Throughout their time together, Danger annoys the duo with his unending pomposity, and constant mockery of the NYPD - he arrogantly believes that the NYPD are the bottom of the food chain, whilst USPIS are at the top. He, at one point, stops Peralta from chasing a criminal as follows: he tries to chase the criminal himself, but falls over and becomes injured. When Peralta pulls a gun and tries to chase the criminal, Danger grabs him by the leg and enables the criminal from escaping. When the incident is brought to the NYPD, Danger selfishly blames Peralta for the happenings, claiming he didn't follow orders or procedure.

After the two of them reconcile, they discover where the drug dealers are hiding and ambush the warehouse. Danger enters first, but hits his head on the door and falls to the ground, where he remains for the full duration of the arrest. When the NYPD successfully arrest all of the dealers and addicts, they find Danger where he fell, with his head in rat turds. When told that the arrest was successful, Danger pompously rants as though it was USPIS were the heroes of the event. When Jake contemplates that he was lying in rat turds, the man responds 'It's all part of the job, little brother. It's all part of the job'.


Jack Danger - despite his incredibly awesome name that turns out to be a joke - is categorised by weakness. He is shown to be incredibly egomaniacal, narcissistic, arrogant, pompous and conceited. He self-absorbedly treats people with condescension and pomposity, seeing the USPIS above everybody, including the NYPD, even though they are just a postal service and the NYPD are extremely valuable and skilled officers and protectors. He never blames himself for anything, using his higher status as a way of protecting himself from blame. He is extremely pompous, going so far as to herald himself for any situation, even ones where he had no heroic involvement or any involvement at all, or even if he was what obstructed the situation in the first place.