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Jack Cates is an abusive scumbag police officer and a character in both 48 Hours and Another 48 Hours.

He is portrayed by Nick Nolte.


48 Hours

At first, Jack Cates was not really a villain, but merely a reclusive jerk who did not even want to give Reggie Hammond a chance at being out on the streets. He is a miserable man whose girlfriend gives him problems.

It is only in the midst of cruelties that Cates becomes a true villain.

Nolte delivers Cates' most famous threat: "We ain't partners, we ain't brothers, and we ain't friends. I'm keeping you down until Ganz is locked up for dead, and if Ganz gets away you're gonna be sorry you ever met me."

Not that Reggie Hammond is any better, but he does do some unnecessary and mean things to him.

In one scene because Reggie has never been able to give him adequate information, he subjects Reggie to a nasty fight, abusing him and beating him left and right, in which Cates delivers one of the meanest lines in his time of stardom:

"Let me explain one thing to you, N---er: I FIGHT DIRTY!"

In many ways, Cates is reminiscent of cops in the old era United States of America that partook in forcing non-Caucasians ("non-whites" as commonly referred to) to do convict labor.

Another 48 Hours

But the biggest form of villainy displayed by Cates is in the sequel. Cates outright cheats Reggie of his legal money, and says that Reggie can't get it until he helps, thus forcing Reggie to do something against his will. He outright laughs at Reggie's face. He even punches Reggie in the mouth, even though Cates kinda brought the ball throw on himself for screwing Reggie over. He does however, change by the end.

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