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Jack Cates is an abusive scumbag police officer Another 48 Hours.

He is portrayed by Nick Nolte.


48 Hours

In the first, Jack Cates is not a villain. He's an anti-hero, to an extent, as he sometimes questionable methods to get the criminals. He's arrogant, very racist, but that's not villainous at all. He works with Reggie Hammond, one of the villains, as he's a villain in both, to catch Ganz. Eventually, they grow to respect each other, but as we'll see later on, he ends up plotting against Reggie by 1989.


Cates becomes a villain in the sequel. When it's time for Reggie to be released, and just as he's promising to leave the life of crime, Cates outright cheats Reggie of his promised money, starting a pretty ugly feud that lasts throughout this movie. Cates says that Reggie can't get it until he helps, thus forcing Reggie to do something against his will. Evil, and almost like Satan, Cates outright laughs at Hammond with no regard. Angered, Hammond throws a ball at Cates' face. When Hammond dumps him, he says "Fuck him," showing he dosn't give a damn about him - not that that stops Hammond from being a villain, cause he is. He even punches Reggie in the mouth, even though Cates kinda brought the ball throw on himself for screwing Reggie over. He does however, change by the end, especially after Hammond punches him, and without even completing the case, he gives Hammond his promised money.