Jack Big Claw

Jack Big Claw

It's Jack Big Claw!
~ Thomas, Sharon, Lewis, and Jamie, worried about Jack and his crabs trying to beat them.
Jack Big Claw is arguably the true antagonist and the leader of the crabs. He is the team captain of the crabs and the champion who is very despicable of beating the puffins. He is a crab and has a big claw as his name suggests.

He is the one-shot antagonist of 64 Zoo Lane and a villain of Mossy Bay Island.


He is very serious to win against the puffins. He is usually a silent antagonist who makes the crab beat the puffins.


The Story of the Puffins of Mossy Bay

Because Jack never talks, only clipping sounds from his big claw is heard. He sends all the crabs to defeat the puffins to not prove Hercule Mustache wrong. As the time is running out and the puffins are about to lose, Jamie was able to defeat Jack and the crabs by scoring his soccer ball into the goal. Jack and his crabs soon lost and the puffins won.