Jacinto LaFontaine is a minor antagonist on Violetta and it's unknown who portrays him. He is the father of Jade & Matias LaFontaine. He ran out on them when they were kids to start a life of crimes. Years later, he returns posing as a gardener in the Castillo house to steal Herman's money (similar to his own children's way of thinking). He reveals himself to Jade, who accidently tips off Matias, and lies that he came to reconcile with them. While Jade was easily fooled by this and appeared to trust her father, Matias was very suspicious when he overheard his dad making calls with his source. Despite the children discovering their father's deception, Jacinto successfully manages to steal Herman's money and escapes. It is revealed that he used the money to buy Jade a wedding dress and Matias a toy train he had wanted as a kid, implying that he may still care for them after all. He later returns for Herman and Jade's wedding, this time posing as a photogapher; however. je is immediately discovered and arrested for his crimes.