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J evil grin


J is main antagonist of 2012 South Korean crime-thriller film Confession of Murder is serial killer who terrorized the city of Seoul when he kidnapped and killed 11 women include mother of Jung Hyun-sik and Kang Soo-yeon who is girlfriend of Choi Hyeong-goo, a police detective.

When Hyung-goo leans Soo-yeon was abducted by J, he chased and hunt J but a battle between them which J cut Hyung-goo's face by knife (which had scar) and raped and killed Soo-yeon after 2 years of captivity after she lied to him for begin pregnant leaving their loved ones include Soo-yeon's mother blamed Hyung-goo for her death and Hyung-goo raised the first victim's son Jung Hyun-sik who become a boxer but after e 15-year statute of limitations expired, Hyun-sik attempted kill himself but survived and his face was damaged which left Hyung-goo getting revenge with help of plastic surgeon who is father of one of victims who performed Hyun-sik's face under identity as Lee Do-suk.

Hyung-goo wrote the book Confession of Murder which is bestseller and under Hyun-sik's name as imposter and Hyun-sik arggeed it . Although the family of victims include Soo-yeon's mother mistakes Lee Do-suk and tried kill or kidnap him.

Hyun-sik's popularity left J got angry and told the camera crew that he is real killer

At Televsion debtabe J revealed his face and show video of Soo-yeon's death. her body was found in forest. Hyung-goo and Hyun-sik revealed their plan to lured J to face the crimes for what did

Hyung-goo knew that J loves begin as famous killer and the limelight and knew J used 2007 voice of 1992 video of Soo-yeon's death. as J escaped and spaned Soo-yeon's mother as hostage he taunted families of victims and Hyung-goo Hyun-sik tired stopped him. Hyung-goo,Hyun-sik and familes of victims chased J Down .

Finally J was caught by police and smirked at Hyung-goo as Soo-yeon's mother tired killed J for suffinring before Hyung-goo kills J by poised pen (which Soo-yeon's mother tried kill J) for what did for pain of victims and Soo-yeon, he loved.



  • His real name is unknown.
  • He dressed similar to The Fisherman from I Still Know You Last Summer