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John Lewis Torbett is the main antagonist of the children's horror book Scared Stiff by Jahnna N. Malcolm.

The protagonists, Kelly and Chase, live in a funeral home in Maryland. One night, a body comes alive and identifies himself as Torbett, an escaped convict who was framed for a murder. He intends to kill everyone who had a role in his imprisonment, including a man whom Kelly's best friend Gretchen is babysitting for that night.

Torbett succeeds in killing his first two victims and almost kills Gretchen, but Kelly, Chase, and their friend Matt arrive in time to save her. All the while, Torbett's body is progressively decaying. The kids manage to trap him and tow his body back home on a power mower, but it falls off during the trip home. When they return to the funeral home, Torbett is already waiting for them, at this point reduced to a skeleton. They manage to finish him once and for all by luring him into a crematorium and incinerating his body.