Water Demon Izuru
Izuru is one of the four Dark Lovers. She was the first to appear in the anime as an antagonist and her special ability is summoning her water demon dragons.


Izuru acts the most mature out of all the Dark Lovers.


Izuru is usually seen wearing a dark purple strapless dress (Human Form), a purple headpiece, and purple hair piece that she puts around her ponytail. She has a brownish red hair and light pink eyes. She also wears orange diamond shaped earrings and an orange bracelet. Her true form is a shark which is shown at the end of season one when she gives all her powers up to help Gaito rule the world.


She is basically a beautiful woman, combined with a sea monster, to form a monstrous form of a mermaid. She attacks with water, so she's obviously strongest in the ocean, but she can also utilize her powers when water is nearby. She can create currents, waves, or even transforming the water into sea dragons to attack. When Izuru hears a mermaid's song, the pain is directed towards her heart, and when the song takes effect, she'll clutch her chest and tremble, as if she's afraid of the song changing her heart. She doesn't often cover her ears. Her power of the water is also halted, with water currents steadying and water dragons dissipating during a song.