Izumi Akazawa

Do you remember?
~ Izumi Akazawa

Izumi Akazawa a villain from Another's episode 11 & 12 anime series and chapter 18 manga series


She wears the school's standard uniform and has two long reddish brown and wavy pigtails tied with blue ribbons. Her eyes have the same color. In the manga, she has the same hairstyle, but with shorter hair. Also, her hair isn't as wavy as in the anime. In the manga, at the end of the series, Izumi cut her hair shorter. In episode 6 Izumi was wearing white ribbons and a pale pink with white dress. In episode 8 she was seen wearing a casual outfit which consist in a reddish blouse and a white mini skirt.


Izumi is the straightforward, unabashed and strong leader of the Countermeasures at Yomiyama Middle School's 3rd year class. She has a bit of a tsundere personality. Izumi is impulsive, irascible and sometimes really mischievous. She also seems to hate Mei and even goes as far as to blame her for the deaths of the students. Early in the series, she disliked Kouichi, but in the end was revealed that she was fond of him.


In episode 11 Izumi is going to kill Mei instead of Kouichi for trying to survive in the hotel room. In episode 18 Izumi attempt to kill Mei becuse she was though Mei was the dead one


  • She is ranked A+ in Another characters ranking.
  • Her first name, Izumi, means fountain or spring.
  • Her home address is 1-1 Akatsukicho Yomiyama City.
  • In the original novel, Akazawa is a minor character that doesn't appear until page 256. While she is mentioned periodically, the first speaking lines she has isn't until her confrontation with Mei at the Sakitani Kinenkan near the conclusion of the book. Izumi dies in the original novel.
  • She shares a room with Takako Sugiura during the class trip.
  • Izumi resembles Rise Kujikawa with her pigtails from Persona 4.
  • In the manga, she tried to kill Mei, stabbing her left eye. A moment later, a cupboard fell on her, and she was rescued by Tatsuji Chibiki afterward. During this time, Mei disappeared, leaving the scene. Izumi later regretted her attempt to kill Mei. She was seen in the last chapter at the hospital, where she had cut her hair shorter.
  • In the anime it is revealed that she is fond of Kouichi and call him as "Kouichi-kun".
  • Izumi's hand is said to be able to recall the impression of someone who once shook hands with her.