Izo Aida

Izo Aida

Izo Aida is the main antagonist in Kamen Rider W Hyper Battle DVD titled Kamen Rider W Hyper Battle DVD: Donburi's α/Farewell Beloved Recipe.

Izo Aida

He is the master of the OmuriFu omelette rice shop owned by his daughter Eriko. Izo attacks the Fuumen stand so that Omuri Fu becomes Futo's number one eating establishment and over powers Double and Accel when they meddle. But once Philip discovers the Dopant's true nature, Double CycloneJoker Xtreme defeats the Dopant with the Bicker Charge Break Maximum Drive. Luckily, the master of Fuumen decides not to press charges against Izo, having him work at his stand to pay back for the damages and help him start anew.

Oyakodon Dopants

Oyakodon Dopant

Dopant Form

His Gaia Memory possessing the combined powers of both the Egg Memory and the Chicken Memory. He transforms into the Oyakodon Dopant which initially known as the Donburi Dopant.

Aida's transformation into the Oyakodon Dopant reflects Double's transformation sequence with the words "Fuwafuwa" and "Juicy" appearing.


  • The design of the Oyakodon Dopant is based on the winning entry of a Dopant drawing contest for Televi-Kun magazine.
  • The Oyakodon Memory is based on the CycloneJoker Memory that came with the July issue of Televi-kun.
  • His Gaia Memory is the only one that posses two powers.