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Ivy DeVil is a recurring antagonist of 101 Dalmatians: The Series. She is the niece of Cruella De Vil. She has white hair on one half and black on the other in pigtails. They are lowered when she acts good and raises when she acts evilly. She is voiced by Rachel Crane.

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  • "Poison Ivy"- Ivy's goal is to get the puppies framed for all wrong-doing on Cruella's behalf so the latter can get the Grutely Farm to herself, such as by messing up with Roger's computer and leaving paw prints to make sure that it looks like it is their fault, and using robo-puppies to pollute Hiccup Hole, and get them confined to the barn and eventually arrested. She also uses them to make it look like they raided a store. However, eventually, she and Cruella get chased by the robo-puppies.
  • "Beauty Pagent Pandemonium"- Ivy, attending a beauty contest, tries to cheat and make Anita's niece Amber lose, and is threatening her own aunt.
  • "Coup De Vil"- At the Cruella DeVil family reunion, Ivy attempts to prove that she is a better DeVil than are the others.