Ivy is a minor antagonist in the video game Dragon Quest VI. She's the selfish daughter of the innkeeper of Port Haven. The frustrated girl tried to poison the mayor's dog, Mr. Barkington, in order to frame the mayor's maid, Ella, and get her out of Johan's life whom she loved in secret.

Ivy was aware that Johan was in love with Ella, even if she didn't correspond him out of fear of her master - the mayor, who was also Johan's father. The heroes witness the moment the jealous girl carried out her plan of poisoning the dog's food before Ella could serve it, but neither Ella nor Ivy saw them because they are spirits, invisible to everyone in the world at the time. Fortunately, the dog was put out of danger, but Ella still got held responsible since she was the one in charge of Mr. Barkington's meals and was put in a cell despite Johan's pleas.