Trench Coat

Ivy's Thug also known as Trench Coat was a henchman of Poison Ivy and an antagonist in the video game Batman Vengeance.


The thug was sent by Poison Ivy to make a deal with Mayor Hill. Batgirl spies on the trench coated henchman and follows him on the metro train but she was discovered and attacked. Batman hops on the train to rescue Batgirl. After fighting through the other plant creatures, Batman saves Batgirl and confronts her attacker who jumps off the train and drives in a stolen car.

Batman and Batgirl entered the Batmobile and pursued the thug. They got the car to crash but the thug got away and left an apple at the accident scene. Batgirl finds a live plant in the apple while examining it at the Batcave. Batman investigates a chemical factory to find any leads to Ivy. After battling Poison Ivy's lackeys, he finds Mayor Hill at the factory who revealed to the vigilante that Ivy blackmailed him and other politicians to buy her plant food or they would become it. Just as Hill left to make his payment, Batman encounters Trench Coat again who reveals himself to be a plant creature of Poison Ivy. Batman fights the thug and kicks him off the edge and into a vat of acid which killed the creature as an outcome.


  • Although Batman and Batgirl refer to the thug as Trench Coat, the game manual credits the thug as Ivy's Thug.