Hmph... Remember this day.
Ivlis is main antagonist of The Gray Garden. He's the lord of the Flame World and a hopeless airhead.


Ivlis is shown to have messy black hair tied in a ponytail with red highlights. He also has red horns adorning his head. His attire resembles a dark grey, military uniform with a black belt, pants, and shoes, topped of with a light grey coat, it's inside being red. Ivlis is also seen wearing black and red scarves (which also seems to be his weakness as said in one of the bonus videos). He has large black and red wing-like scarf, red, clawed hands and gold eyes.


  • It is implied that he is Vendetto's father. In one of the bonus videos in WATGBS, Vendetto calls his father an airhead, just like how Reficul describes Ivlis.
  • He is the devil of the "Flame world".
  • Ivlis's name possibly comes from "Iblis", the Islamic name for the Devil.
  • According to this picture, it is believed that Ivlis is the devil of Siralos' world, in fact, Siralos is his father.
  • It is said by Poemi in the bonus videos that Ivlis' 'weak point' is scarves.

Theme Music

The gray garden ost versus Ivlis02:02

The gray garden ost versus Ivlis


Gray Garden Soundtrack Ivlis RAGE Theme (Maoudamashii Last Boss 4) (MP3 Ver 101:41

Gray Garden Soundtrack Ivlis RAGE Theme (Maoudamashii Last Boss 4) (MP3 Ver 1.0)