Ivar is a supporting antagonist from the video game Tales of Xillia and its sequel. He acted as Milla's right-hand maid, but he always disliked Jude as he never trusted him to be a proper bodyguard (though he felt slightly more comfortable into letting Alvin rejoin them). Throughout the game, Ivar often abandoned his duty to protect Nia Kherra just to get to Milla, much to her dismay. After Milla had her legs destroyed/paralized from a trap at Fort Gandala, Ivar attacked Jude at the Seahaven. Later, he got a message from Exodus about helping him get rid of Jude once and for all.

After Milla's death, Ivar (presumably) tried to fight off Muzet in Nia Kherra a few times. At her shrine, Ivar tried to kill Jude, Leia, Rowen, and Elize once and for all with his monster. After the battle, he ran off and was never seen or mentioned again

He is voiced by Showtaro Morikubo in the Japanese version and Orion Acaba in the English version.


  • Because of his sycophantic attitude, massive ego and completely unjustified hatred of the protagonists (save for Milla), Ivar is often considered one of the most hated characters in Xillia. Ironically, Milla is sometimes considered the most popular character.
  • Ivar is very similar to Jaken:
    • Both are minor villains who made no real impact on the story, and are widely despised as a result.
    • Both are Comic Relief Villains.
    • Both are Egomaniacs.
    • Both are the servant of a hero (Milla Maxwell and Sesshomaru, respectively, though the latter started off as a villain).
    • Both are eager to please their masters by any means necessary, much to the dismay and annoyance of the other characters, their masters included.
    • Both have a very bitter relationship with the main male protagonist (Jude Mathis and Inuyasha, respectively).