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Ivan Moser
Ivan Moser is a fictional mass-murderer, rapist and sociopath who was the main antagonist of the horror-movie Destroyer, played by football player Lyle Alzado (due to a trend in movies of the era in promoting celebrities and sports stars).

Ivan Moser was a convicted murderer and rapist who bragged of killing over 25 people as he was sentenced to death by the electric chair - however his execution went horribly wrong when a prison riot broke out, though Ivan was presumed killed in the riot regardless.

Sadly this was not the case and Ivan Moser would return as a monstrous serial-killer, empowered by the very electricity that was meant to kill (which, according to the movie's psuedo-science somewhat gave him superhuman strength and regenerative abilities due to being "half living and half dead").

During the film Ivan kills his victims with a jackhammer, electrocution, a welding torch and other methods - in a typical slasher-movie style: ironically the movie itself has a rather low body count for a slasher and has been criticized by some as being rather slow-moving with Ivan not recieving as much screen-time as some of the more infamous horror killers of the same era.

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