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Ivan, Sergei's Right Hand


The Tyrants are my brothers, and my brothers and I will issue a new era for all mankind!
~ Sergei Vladimir about the Ivan tyrants
Ivan is a specially re-engineered derivation of the T-103 Tyrant line designed by the Umbrella Corporation to serve as bodyguards for Colonel Sergei Vladimir in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. One Ivan was deployed with the objectives of killing Albert Wesker in the Umbrella Research Center where Vladimir ordered it to punish Wesker for his failure and disobediance. During the fight there was an explosion that distracted Ivan, allowing Wesker to escape from it. This Ivan was later seen defeating a pair of Cerberus es and carrying an unconsious T-A.L.O.S. away from the Mansion with Sergei by it's side. During 2003, both of the existing Ivans and were ordered by Vladimir to eliminate Wesker due to his intrusion and betrayal in the Caucasus Facility. Even with their combined teamwork, they failed to defeat Wesker due to his superhuman abilities.

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