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Now let's sign the deal in blood

Are you insane?
Of course I am, who the Hell do you think I am?
~ Iterennt and his client

Iterennt is a Creepypasta villain in the Other Internet series and he is the source of malfunction on the Internet and much other Internet-related curses.

Iterennt is meant to have supported US President George Bush into making two Internets - one was the one the public use, the other was a corrupted version that infects a computer sought out by Iterennt. Iterennt, being a demon, then tracks down the owner and offers a deal: if his client makes it out alive, they live, but they go to Hell when they do die naturally, and if they tell anyone else about the deal the other person goes to Hell too. Iterennt, it is revealed later, wants to free Lucifer and wreak chaos on the Earth. He is seen killing people to free Lucifer.

Iterennt seems to like driving people to suicide - or else he kills them with fear. He likes making them feel the whole exeprience has just been a dream.

At first his goal was to corrupt computers with his bad Internet and then later to free the Devil and roam the Earth.

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