A member of the Ten Terrors, Itassis is the most level-headed among them, as well as pacifistic in that she only acts in violence in self-defense or under orders, and was more interested in the pursuit of knowledge rather than furthering the agenda of evil.

She is a quartenery antagonist turned anti-heroine in Power Rangers Mystic Force.


Unlike her fellow Ten Terrors, Itassis is level-headed, passive, and not as malevolent as the rest of antagonists in the series. While she does performed acts of villainy, she merely sees it as the order and not taking pleasure from it due to her more interested with knowledge. Such interest eventually become stepping stones for her to turned for the good side and realized that her kind actually have clear choice of what they can do, be it become evil or good. In her uneasy conversation with Rangers, Itassis expresses the genuine curiosity on why they and humanity in general still determined to keep moving forward in spite of darkness still deter them, and sees that goodness and courage are their secrets, which stronger than evil and malice her fellow Morlocks and Ten Terrors believe in. All of this led to her choice to go for path of good.


Itassis is a faithful follower of the rules of darkness and won't let anything get in the way of them being followed - even if that means helping the Power Rangers. When she was chosen to attack, she questioned the rangers on how it was possible they could defeat them. They responded it was courage, which caused her to abandon her mission and be confronted by Sculpin. Explaining her reasons and refusing to act in the name of evil no more, Sculpin killed her. Luckily, Itassis was revived by Necrolai for having always been kind to her and they helped the rangers defeat the Master, declaring to him that she had cut the puppet's strings, as well as taking revenge on Sculpin.

Itassis then chose to learn the ways of Good under the guidance of Daggeron.