"It" is the final antagonist in the 1967 stop-motion film Mad Monster Party?.


After discovering the secret of total destruction, Baron Boris von Frankenstein sends invites to summon all the monsters to inform them of his discovery. However, he didn't send an invite to "It" since "It" can be a bore and had crushed his island's wild boars in his bare hands the last time "It" was invited. 

Near the end of the movie, "It" emerges from the ocean, comes on the island and goes on a rampage since he wasn't invited. However, during his destruction of Boris' castle, he sees a portrait of Francesca, Boris' assistant, and falls in love with her. He searches for her in the island and when he finds her, "It" catches her. He then catches the other monsters and climbs the island's tallest mountain. Boris manages to rescue Francesca from "It" by using biplanes, but "It" catches him instead. Boris finally sacrifices his life when he drops the vial containing the secret of destruction which destroys himself, "It," the island, and every monster on it.



  • "It" is a parody of King Kong. He was most likely named "It" due to copyright reasons.
  • It is sometimes called "The Monster".