Isuzu Sawatari is an antagonist in the manhwa series Freezing. She is a former member of the West Genetics Pandora and a member of the Chevalier, later joining the Busters in Operation Cat Killer. She is a Black Widow who's primay tactic is to engage in affairs with other women's boyfriends or spouses, and then kill them when they retaliate against her, pleading self-defense.


Isuzu is sadistic, psychotic, and sociopathic, though she hides this under a facade of kindness. She relishes tormenting her victims emotionally, and her MO is to provoke them into attacking her, allowing her to kill them and plead self-defense. She's very manipulative and intelligent, evading conviction from the law, unlike the other Busters. In spite of her arrogance, Isuzu has a cowardly side; she would rarely ever face someone she couldn't defeat, and is scared of Su-Na Lee. She also fled from the Legendary Pandora, leaving her comrade to perish.