Mihotoke Issa, a.k.a. Buccha is a villain who appears in Air Gear. He is a heavily-built, tanned fighter specializing in close combat. His character design is based off the wrestler Abdullah, which is referenced by the three lines on his forehead. Before joining Kogarasumaru, he was the leader of the team Night Kings.


Buccha is an inhumanly large young man with a large upper body and fat appearance. He wears headphones all the time, has a bald head and wears a pink and white striped shirt. When he does his 'Bump Up', his appearance grows to a very muscular and well-toned man with large arms and well-toned abs.


Buccha was originally a bully and loved to toy with others and abuse his powers. He was obsessed with becoming an ace Storm Rider, so he gained as many emblems as he could to prove his worth. After his loss to Ikki, he decided to start over and lose his bully like attitude.