General Isreal Putnam was a high-ranking Patriot, a well-known war hero in American history and a great fighter. He is also featured in Assassin's Creed III, where he assists the game's protagonist defeat Loyalists. However, in the alternate reality of George Washington gone crazy from an Apple of Eden, he is Washington's 2nd-in-Command and the main antagonist of the DLC The Tyranny of King Washington Episode 2: The Betrayal.

King Washington timeline

In an altered reality, where Washington ruled America as a tyrant king with an Apple of Eden, Putnam served as his right-hand man with Benedict Arnold. Under the Apple's influence, Putnam became corrupted, brutal and cruel. While at Washington's palace, Kaniehtí:io infiltrated the throne room and stole the King's scepter which contained the Apple. Putnam and his men chased after her and was able to fire a shot from his musket, knocking away the scepter from Kaniehtí:io as she made her escape.

Putnam was present during the burning of Kanatahséton, riding at Washington's side. Washington expressed doubts about his resolve and powers, but he was assured by both his generals when they reaffirmed their loyalty. Putnam gave the order to destroy the village and kill all of the villagers.

For the next five months, Putnam ruled over Frontier in Washington's name alongside Arnold, and was the commanding officer of the encampment at Valley Forge. Putnam went to visit Arnold at Fort Duquesne, but unbeknownst to him was being followed by Ratonhnhaké:ton, who soon after infiltrated and assassinated Arnold. Catching him off guard, Putnam approached Ratonhnhaké:ton from behind and knocked him unconscious with his pistol.

Putnam traveled to Boston presenting the captive Ratonhnhaké:ton to King Washington as a gift, to which Washington decided to sentence Ratonhnhaké:ton to death by beheading along with a group of random civilians. Washington soon began to question Benjamin Franklin's loyalty and conviction, hence he allowed Putnam full control over Boston and ordered him to deal with the rebellion. After Franklin's defection, Putnam successfully lured the rebels to Boston Neck. The rebel troops were shot down and Putnam personally killed Samuel Adams, beating him to death with his pistol, while also chopping off the fingers of Kanen'tó:kon left hand with his own stone tomahawk.

Ratonhnhaké:ton and Franklin later attempted to flee Boston with a crew on board the Aquila. Putnam arrived at the port, holding Kanen'tó:kon hostage and ordered Ratonhnhaké:ton to surrender. Using his animal powers, Ratonhnhaké:ton attacked and wounded Putnam. While dying, Putnam came to his senses, realizing that he had been corrupted by the Apple's power and with his last words expressed regret for the atrocities he had committed.