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Israel Hands threatens Jim Hawkins

We're both allies, you and me, we have the same articles!
~ Israel Hands

Israel Hands is a minor antagonist in Treasure Island and its film adaptations.


When Jim Hawkins comes back from meeting Ben Gunn, he finds Israel Hands, a treacherous pirate and crew member, has decided to usurp the Hispianola and make off with the ship for himself. Israel Hands is injured as his leg has been smitten by a cannonball from the earlier battle, but Israel fights Jim and crawls up the mast despite his leg being injured. He aims to slit Jim's throat and make off with the ship but he manipulates Jim into steering the ship around to a deserted cove. Israel battles with Jim on the mast but eventually calls a truce, saying they both have the same articles and should be working together. Israel tricks Jim into letting him climb up but Jim knows Israel wants to kill him so he knocks him off the mast into the deep water below where Israel drowns, unable to swim.

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