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Isla is a minor character from Tales of Xillia. She is a woman with short purple hair that lives in Xain Du. In the past, she was the reason behind Elize's tragic backstory. While she worked for Exodus, Isla kidnaped a lot of orphaned children (including Elize after her parents were killed by a "bandit"). Her evil grin was shown in a flashback.

In the present, after Elize and Alvin were taken by Exodus agents, Jiao reminsed to Jude and the party about what happened between Isla and Elize. After they got back, they interrigated her about Exodus. She tells them that back then, she felt like she had no other choice but to do their bidding. Isla begged them not for her secret to be revealed or that she would never be married to her fiancce. During a sidequest, Isla ended up having the same mental illness Alvin's mother had (before she died). Isla is last seen mumbling out loud.