Isis - wrathful goddess

Isis was a villain that appeared in the cartoon series Mighty Max.
In Egyptian mythology, Isis is the goddess of magic and life. Apparently, all of the Egyptian gods departed this world when the last Pharoah died, but Isis was left behind somehow. After dwelling among humans for a few thousand years, she could see only their depravity and injustice towards one another. Posing as the director of the Cairo Museum of Antiquities, she plotted to awaken her husband, Osiris, so that he could destroy humanity and restore her to her former glory. She allowed the ring of Osiris to circulate the world in the hopes that the Mighty One would find it and show up.
However when Max and the crew interrupted her ceremony she condemned them all to the underworld in anger at being disturbed, causing the heroes to get into conflict with Anubis.
Isis would ultimately achieve her goal and awoke Osiris, however Osiris did not share Isis' contempt for humanity and reminded her that a god's true purpose is to serve mortals, not to harm them - the two gods then depart to paradise.