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In HotDiggedyDemon's cartoon parody of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Isabelle Ruins Everything, Isabelle is shown with a communist-like character, trying to handle the town her own way while the mayor is gone, which lead to a lot of trouble and complaints from the citizens.

Isabelle Ruins Everything

The mayor of the Animal Crossing town was walking to town hall when he comes across an angry mob of animal citizens starting a revolution for proletariat liberty with his guards trying to keep them away. As the mayor enters his office he comes across Isabelle sharpening a staff, who explains that she tried everything she can to keep the town running, but failed miserably and caused trouble with no other option. So the mayor decides to discuss the problem with her while hiding under the desk, where no one in the mob could attack them.

Under the desk, the mayor asks Isabelle, what's gotten everyone so angry "acting like animals" (Even though they really are animals). Isabelle was saying that the mayor has been gone for an entire year. The mayor explains that he's been invited into Super Smash Bros., apologizing for being caught up, saying it was a crazy experience where a "flat black guy", which is obviously Mr. Game & Watch, hit him with a hammer and attacked him in octopus form, causing him to flee. Isabelle explained that she had to step in for the mayor while he was absent. The mayor asks what did Isabelle do while he was gone, and Isabelle answers that one time, Reese came to tell her that she had no peaches, and Opal had 10 peaches. So she decided to create a system where she would take peaches from people with too many and give them to those with no peaches at all thinking that the more peaches that a person has, the more that should be taken from them. The mayor thought that was seemed fair, but Isabelle also explained that she thought of a way to make the village a lot more safer by getting the police to confiscate everyone's slingshots, much to the mayor's shock saying that Isabelle can't do that, but she explained that she thought no one would get hurt. The mayor argues that it's not up to her to decide if people should own a slingshot, it's up to them to decide if they want it. Isabelle explains that she believes that people don't need a slingshot saying that they want one just because they think everyone does. Isabelle also tells that she thought Officer Booker is too overweight to be a policeman, so he hired Apollo to take his job since he's big and strong. The mayor argues that she can't tell people what their jobs are, but Isabelle explains that she told Apollo that if he didn't accept the job, he'd go to jail. She also says that Cyrus didn't like what she was doing, so she sent him to jail. Then Reese didn't approve of Isabelle sending her husband to jail, so she sent her to jail too. She also stated that a lot of people are now in jail. The mayor explains that there is no jail in the town, then Isabelle states that she had to build one, so she had to have the police force them to build one.

Then when she realized that she was speaking out loud, she admits that "things have gone a little away from [her]". The mayor argues again that people deserve to be free and do the jobs that they want and say the things that they think. Isabelle asks why is that, and the mayor explains that people actually like freedom. Isabelle argues asking him whether freedom or safety is more important, but the mayor considered that a really complicated question. Isabelle believes that safety can be found with strength, saying that there wouldn't be any people around the world without peaches if there weren't any "squandering their potential". She also says that there are gardeners who should be policemen, and policemen who should be fishermen, and everyone is "too obsessed with themselves to think about the bigger picture". The mayor points out that those are actually good ideas "on paper", but when they're in action, they might not always work. Isabelle argues that people are suffering in the world, and she believes that when they're suffering, the mayor has a moral obligation to help them. She also states that the purpose of her system is "to achieve social equilibrium for the benefit of those at the bottom".

The mayor believes that Isabelle is just twisting this so that he can't disagree with her and that he looks like the bad guy. Isabelle offers him a notebook where she wrote all of her ideas on, but the mayor doesn't like her using the word "manifesto" on the title saying that nobody would like the use of that word. Isabelle then tells the mayor that the fountain that he commissioned was all finished, and asks him to check it out, but the mayor refuses saying that's not important with what he was concerned about. Isabelle promises it would make him less mad at her, but the mayor thinks that it's now not possible for him to be more or less mad at her since he's reached a homeostasis with his anger. Then the fountain crashes into the office, obviously thrown by the mob, and Isabelle asks if the mayor likes the fountain, but all he could say was why does it show him naked. Then Isabelle finally apologizes for ruining the mayor's city saying that she got so wrapped up in her ideas, and all she wanted to do was for him to be proud of her. Then the mayor decides to forgive Isabelle for her attempted help saying that she's lucky that the citizens are really dumb.

Then the mayor goes outside town hall to inform the angry mob that the revolution they've started has been cancelled and that they can all go home. One of the people in the mob explained that all they wanted was proletariat liberty, but the mayor says that they don't need it since he has no idea what that is and commanded everyone to go back home, but no one would listen until the mayor lets out a butterfly from his pocket so everyone can chase after it. The mayor then explains to Isabelle that being in charge isn't always easy, and that people want to rely on you to take care of them, and Isabelle admits that she didn't know what she was doing before. Then Isabelle goes back home and kneels down to a picture of a dog version

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Isabelle Ruins Everything (Animal Crossing Parody)

of Karl Marx, the man who inspired communism, with candles and Soviet flags, and says "Some day, Karl. Some day.", plotting that one day, she would succeed to follow his beliefs and control the town with communism.