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Early Life

That’s the justification. From within itself, humanity is afraid of the things that they cannot comprehend, and from that fear breeds riots and madness. By that aspect, ignorance actually suppresses all the other virtues.
~ Isaac Westcott to Elliot, explaining the reason why mankind fears their existence.

Born as "Ike", Isaac grew up in a town of mages who could use sorcery along with his childhood friends, Elliot Baldwin Woodman, Karen Nora Mathers and her sister Ellen Mira Mathers somewhere on the world. One day, Isaac Westcott, who was a 10-year-old child at the time, was looking for Ellen and Elliot and found them in a mountain where Elliot was teaching Ellen magic arts. Elliot revealed to Isaac that unlike her sister, Karen Nora Mathers, who was a talented magician, she can’t succeed in anything and that made Ellen cry as Isaac and Elliot felt sorry for her and the future genocidal tyrant stroked Ellen’s head. In return, Isaac said he was going to help Ellen in her magic training. Isaac then questioned Elliot if their teacher was going to get mad at him again for using magic so visible (as the existence of mages are a secret of mankind). When Elliot wondered why humans fears magic so much, Westcott said that it was only natural to humans fear their power and said he showed sympathy for humans for showing such feelings. At one point, it was revealed Westcott was more mature than Elliot when it came to humans and viewed them as nice people.

Months later, a group of normal people (humans) who feared the power of mages burned down their village and the few who managed to escape from their houses were gunned down or carbonized alive by the invaders. As Elliot, Karen and Ellen cried over seeing their families and friends being killed from distance, there was a boy who looked down upon the burning village without too much dismay. Ike, even with the hot winds against his face, stared at the village that had fallen into ruin, gazing intensely as his fellow compatriots were being shot dead. Although Elliot could not understand what Ike was thinking at the time as his face was illuminated by the fire, Elliot felt something resembling an uneasy sensation coming from him on that day. As Westcott watched the destruction, he called the attention of his friends and said: 

Let’s create a world, to expel humanity, a world where only magicians can exist. This began with them, so is there no reason why we shouldn’t do it?

In hindsight, this was the oldest memory of the foundations that would lead to the beginning of DEM Industries. After that, ten years had passed. Elliot and the others had been buried under the research of magic. Of course, the world wasn’t simple enough for children of about ten years of age to live alone. Westcott and his friends thought it was necessary to rely on foster care during the first few years. Westcott and his friends were sent to an orphanage and lived there for a while. However, it didn’t take long for Westcott, who was a brilliant young boy with many talents, to win the fancy of a wealthy British elderly couple from Westcott Family. It also didn’t take long for the old couple to pass away due to an "unfortunate accident". Indeed, as soon as Ike obtained enough assets through covert means, he invited Elliot and the others to his home. For as much as time would allow, they obtained a taste of the mystery: Theosophy. Occultism, Alchemy, and the Kabbalah. From the falsifications made public to “humans”, they carefully uncovered the genuine article.

First Spacequake

Date A Live-First Spacequake

Date A Live-First Spacequake

Years later, in the central part of the Eurasia continent, the three figures stood amidst the open wilderness. Ike, Elliot, Ellen. The three magicians who had grown up to be beyond recognition from that time had come to gather here.

When Ike ordered Karen to start the operation, Karen’s voice could be heard from the observatory through the communication device. At the same time, the device designed to draw out the circle--the magical furnace began to start up while growling out a low howl. From the skies, from the earth, from the air. The energy that resides in every substance in the world turned into dazzling light, swirling and coiling around the surroundings. Gathering all of the mana present in the world to a single focal point, thus creating a new life. By incorporating that power, Elliot and the others, who up until now could only tinker with a tiny amount mana through spells and books, could become all power wizards found in fantasy worlds.

DAL v17 01

Isaac and his friends summons the First Spirit, Mio Takamiya.

As they were about to start, Westcott said that an universal space that should only exist in humanity’s imagination is being changed into reality. If his calculations are correct, the space of the Spirit being born is to the extent of covering the entire earth and claimed the scale is enough to be called another world--the neighboring world. Like a god wannabe, Westcott then declared this is their world and are going to overwrite their world with the neighboring world. During this time, Elliot noticed Ike’s face as he was describing their hope looked the same as the face that he had displayed on that day when he watched his village being destroyed by humans. However, the summoning ritual of the First Spirit also caused the first spacequake, which destroyed a large portion of Eurasia and killed 150 million people. However, Westcott, Woodman and Ellen protected themselves by using defensive barriers made using sorcery. Afterwards, seeing the destruction that he had caused, Westcott simply laughed manically as he witnessed the destruction. A few minutes later, Isaac and his friends finally put his eyes upon their new creation, the First Spirit.

Later, his company captured the First Spirit and used her in nazi-like experiments to study her energy. For years, Westcott kept the First Spirit under an underground laboratory where she suffered brutal human experiments by the hands of DEM scientists. Because of DEM's human experiments, the First Spirit grew up as a mature woman with the mentallity of an infant. Due to Westcott's abuses, the Spirit could not speak correctly or even think rationally as a normal person and the only thing she had as experience in her life time were painful human experiments where parts of her soul were extracted and turned into military weapons, as well as scientific human tests which she was forced to suffer physical and psychological abuses, all in order to extract her Spirit Mana that lead to creation of technologies that helped DEM Industries to rise as one of the most powerful corporations of the world.

Destroying Takamiya Family

──Oh my, how troubling. I wasn’t intending to lie.
~ Westcott before shooting Shinji Takamiya [Shido Takamiya]
DAL v17 c02

Shido and Mana with Mio.

Following the first spacequake, DEM Industries became a huge company since their Realizers, which Westcott seems to have invented, helped with the reconstruction of the world that he destroyed. However, the Spirit he, Woodman and Ellen created managed to escape from them and ended up causing smaller spacequakes around the world for six months killing more millions in the process before suddenly disappearing.

However, one day after causing a spacequake, she was approached by a boy named Shido Takamiya, who gave the naked girl his jacket and decided to bring her home with him. Upon arriving in his room, however, Shido's sister, Mana, entered and immediately demanded an explanation as to why her brother was with a half-naked girl. Shido tried to explain the situation, but just then the First Spirit sneezed. Mana was about to leave for her room to get her some clothes, only for her to use her powers to make her own clothes by copying Mana's school uniform. While living with Shido and Mana, the First Spirit quickly started to gain knowledge of the real world by reading books, following the radio and watching tv and cassettes. As a result, her vocabulary quickly rose from the level of a baby to being able to perfectly speak Japanese. Shido decided to give her the name Mio Takamiya, after the day he met her; the 30th. Upon receiving this name, Mio was so overjoyed that she cried. One time, Shido took Mio around town and told her about everything that caught her attention. They went to an arcade where Shido won Mio a bear plushy in a crane game. This is where Shido told her about the feeling of 'like', causing Mio to boldly state that she liked him.

At some point, however, DEM discovered Mio's location, now going by the name Mio Takamiya, forcing her to go on the run with Shido. While running, Woodman appeared before them and blocked their path. However, he allowed them to pass after asking Mio if she is happy being with Shido and she told him that she is. Elliot then decided he will defect DEM and help them to escape as he was disgusted with Isaac's crimes and vowed his love for Mio, thus confessing his feelings. Just as Ellen was about to capture Mio, Elliot blocked her attack and fought Ellen while claiming he changed sides, this left Ellen enraged and called him 'traitor'.

As Ellen and Elliot were fighting, Mio and Shido escaped but they were soon confronted by Westcott himself, who revealed that he had abducted Mana but was willing to trade her for Mio. Shido, refusing to accept his terms, tried to run with Mio, but was shot in the chest by Westcott using a gun, killing him in the process in front of Mio, who fell in despair and sorrow. This, however, caused Mio's powers to manifest in an act of rage, allowing her to escape with Shido as Westcott watched in surprise. After successfully getting away, she used her powers to heal Shido's wounds. However, no matter what she did, he wouldn't regain consciousness. This caused Mio to cry, finally realizing how much Shido meant to her.

After thinking for a long time, Mio finally managed to come up with a plan to save Shido. She then kissed Shido, causing him to turn into light and be absorbed into her. Her plan was to recreate Shido by nurturing him in her womb before giving birth to him. Her plan was to entrust him with her power so that he could become her eternal lover. Since the body of a normal human is frail to accept all her power at once, Mio only gave Shido the power to take in the Spirit's power. Then, she divided her power, planting them like seeds into young girls in order for Shido to gradually take their powers one by one. However, humans were not compatible with the Qlipha Crystals she created, causing them to turn into monsters and go berserk. Therefore, Mio decided to reverse their properties, turning them into Sephira Crystals to make them more compatible. To do so, Mio continuously had the Qlipha Crystals bond with humans, turn them into monsters and finally kill them in order to slowly purify them. Around this time, Mio successfully gave birth to Shido, and left him to be adopted by the Itsuka family.

After DEM kidnapped Mana Takamiya, Shido's pre-teen sister, Westcott turned her into a Wizard by doing horrible experiments in her body. Westcott's action resulted in remaining her lifespan to about ten years. Not long after that, Isaac installed a Realizer in her brain to block her memories about her past, resulting in amnesia. Soon after, Westcott filled Mana's mind with lies saying that she was abandoned by her parents, and he was the person who gave her a home on DEM. Since then, Mana was trained by DEM to become the Adeptus 2, the second strongest Wizard in the world right after Ellen Mira Mathers. 

Westcott later started his own military campaign by selling weapons and technologies to all military and police forces of the world but keeping his best creations to DEM itself. When DEM discovered that Mio was creating more Spirits like her by turning humans in Spirits, or for better words, monsters using the Sephira Crystals to purify them, Westcott immediately put the entire world against the Spirits whom were normal humans before but were forced to become part of such race he created. With this, the entire world was against the Spirits and all military forces founded their own secret-battallions, people who can use sorcery; Wizards to fight them as Westcott and DEM considered a threat to humanity's existence. In the following years, dozens of Spirits were killed by the Anti Spirit squads around the world.

Around this time, Westcott also had his own mercenary squad of Wizards who were brainwashed by his Realizers and forced them to join his cause like fanatical-brutals-psychotics soldiers and committed the worst war crimes in his name without questioning the nature of their mission.

Nia Honjou

1 decade later, a human girl named Nia Honjou mysteriously became a Spirit. While at first causing spacequakes like the other Spirits, at some point Nia was able to reintegrate herself with society. However, curious about where she came from, she used her angel and found about her former life. Following this, Nia started to use Rasiel to find information on everyone she encountered. As a result, she discovered the dark side of humanity, causing her to believe she could never trust anyone. Because of this Nia fell in love with the 2D world of manga and video games, since the characters in there could never harbor negative feelings towards her. However, she still wanted to live in society so contact with others was unavoidable. As a result, Nia started to treat others as if they were just characters in a video game, communicating with them but having no real interest in them as people.


Westcott in DAL spin-off prequel.

Around 10 years ago, she was able to get a job as a manga artist under the pen name of "Souji Honjou". The Manga written by her, "Silver Bullet", ended up becoming a hit. However, 5 years after she became a manga artist, Isaac and his company discovered her existence and sent Ellen Mira Mathers to capture her. Ellen managed to defeat Nia and capture her alive by catching her by surprise through a sneak attack. The fans of her manga diacovered that she had disappeared and it was believed to be because of an argument between her with her editor. While in DEM's captivity, Westcott and Ellen put Nia through horrible physical, psychological and sexual torture, such as cutting her belly while alive, opening her skull, her hands and legs got cut by a millimeters after another to make her go into her Inverse Form. However, no matter what they did she did not Inverted, however, the brutal torture sections continued 24/7 for the next 5 years.

At that time, Isaac has invested his money from DEM in creation of weapons and military hardware for the entire planet in order to maintain a false hope for human race that humanity has salvation in exterminating the Spirits, the cosmic beings that threatened life on Earth.

Ashcroft Project

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Westcott arrives in Edgar's office after discovering his betrayal.

Later, Isaac had put all forces of his company in looking Spirits' radiation on the Earth. A girl named Artemisia Bell Ashcroft from Special Sorcery Service, saw the efforts that the DEM was doing to find the Spirits, and save mankind. Artemisia offered her own body to Isaac's company to create a new weapon for humanity to help to kill the Spirits and save Human race. Taking Artemisia in hands, Isaac put Edgar F. Caroll as leader of the new project that would bear fruit for Westcott's plans in the future; which the project called Ashcroft Project that would be carried out in extracting Artemisia's mental forces and turning her memories into a deadly weapon. However, Edgar used this opportunity to betray Westcott and remove someone malefico like him from DEM command and take the post of DEM Managing Director to himself. However, Edgar's plan was failed by the treason of Minerva Liddell.

When Isaac realized Edgar's treason he ordered Ellen to cut his head off and ruthless killed all other officers who served in Edgar research team. Soon after Artemisia was free from DEM, she was captured again (it's heavily implied that Cecil O'Brien, Ashley Sinclair, Leonora Sears, three of Artemisia's best friends who put their lives in risky to save her from DEM were killed by Westcott and DEM for interrupting their plans) and Isaac brainwashed Artemisia by rewrite her memories and turning her into a sociopath killer to serve him as a "reserve Wizard" in a near future. Since then, Westcott has hidden Artemisia from SSS after putting her in coma.



Wescott on the teaser of Date A Live Season 2.

Months later, ​​Isaac Westcott received a call from the police of London asking for his help to stop a mass assault on a bank. The criminal organization Yard was attacking a bank with more than 100 people hostage. In response to the request, Westcott requested the presence of the Adeptus 1, 2 & 3 (Ellen Mira Mathers, Mana Takamiya and Jessica Bailey) who were currently in London before the spacequakes mysteriously begin in Tenguu City. However, only Jessica and Ellen were present at Westcott's officer.

He explained the current situation of the crime, he mentioned that the assault was being led by Charllote Meyers along with two other former Wizards of SSS, that were Daisy and Izabell, the trio were punished and expelled from the SSS for abusing of magical power that were given to them. After they had been expelled from SSS, they became Wizards of the criminal organization, Yard. After Westcott explained the situation to Jessica and Ellen he asked where Mana was at that moment. Ellen mentioned that Mana was going to the bank before she left the building of D.E.M. Later, Westcott received the call from the bank and the corporation blamed him for letting Mana Takamiya destroy the bank during the process. In response to this, Isaac punished Mana by making her pay the damage she caused to the bank by using her own salary.

Starting the Conflict


Isaac Ray Peram Westcott with Ellen Mira Mathers (background).

Months later, Isaac and his company noticed a large number of apparitions of Spirits in Tenguu City, Japan. He decided to sent Mana Takamiya to kill the Spirit that had killed 10,000 people, Kurumi Tokisaki and was planning to capture some of these Spirits as well.

Days later, Mana was defeated by Kurumi and she was in coma for a while. When JGSDF contacted DEM to send support, Westcott sent one of his greatest failures, White Licorice to give assistance to AST against the Spirits appearing one after another. The White Licorice was a powerful CR-Unit made to heavy combat, however, it was one of DEM's greatest failures as it was a CR-Unit that took the lives of dozens of Wizards from DEM who dared to wear it,implying Westcott sent a failed machine to his "allies" even knowing that all people who will wear it will die by having their brains crushed by the magic energy. However, White Licorice was stolen by Origami Tobiichi who used it to attack Kotori Itsuka for thinking she was the Spirit who killed her parents when she was a kid. However, the assassination was foiled by Shido who begged her to stop. Before Origami could think about his decision, she lost all her strength and lost her consciouness.

After reading Origami's report, Isaac showed interest in Origami and saw that she could be useful for him as she was a strong Wizard able to use White Licorice when using it would kill most of the Wizards who dared to wear it. He then made his way to Japan to free her from her punishment.

Arrival in Japan


Isaac Westcott and Ellen Mathers first appearance.

Westcott made his first appearance at JGSDF base, intervening their decision on Origami's punishment. He tells the officials that he heard that an AST member was able to successfully pilot the White Licorice. When he heard that General Kiritani was planning on forbidding Origami from ever using a Realizer again, he uses his connections with the Minister of Defense, Saeki, to change Origami's punishment to a two month house arrest.

After the meeting, he then gives Origami a card with DEM's contact information, telling her that they would assist her if she ever needs help fighting the Spirits. Despite the aid he gave, Origami remained cautious, feeling something like fear from the man that passed by her a moment ago.

After leaving, he tells Ellen that everyone in the meeting were idiots that did not see how grave that matter was, viewing them as all incompetent fools who were weird enough to put the blame on a genius that is 1 in 10,000. Then, he states that if General Kiritani changes his mind, he should probably invite Origami into his own company, as it is regretful to give up someone who could pilot the White Licorice. He adds that with a magic treatment performed on Origami, she could become a Wizard comparable to Mana or Artemisia.


Ellen informs Isaac about Tohka.

Ellen informs him that they received a report about a girl that looks identical to the Spirit Princess had transferred into Raizen High School right after the Princess disappeared. Intrigued, he asks what was JGDSF’s action towards this matter. After being told that they only used the low accuracy vehicle type DS-06 to classify her as a normal person, he tells Ellen that a peace-loving idiot is much scarier than anyone with dementia. Deciding to take the matter in his own hands, he asks Ellen if her body is rusty from the lack of fighting with Spirits. As Ellen reaffirms that she will never lose to any opponent, Westcott gives off an ominous smile and manipulates an event where the students of Raizen High School will go in a trip to Irubi Island to take them out of civilization and start their operation in capturing Tohka without having to worry to get rid of witness.

Irubi Island's Incident


Westcott after manipulated Origami's feelings.

After the Arbatel got destroyed by Yamai in Irubi Island, Ellen confirmed that Princess, was the Spirit that had disappeared on Tenguu City 3 months ago before their arrival. After Ellen confirmed the location of Tohka, she asked to Westcott if there exists a human capable of possessing the powers of the Spirits. After she said Westcott became interested in this Shido and requested more information of what happened in Irubi Island.

Although Westcott had one of his spacecraft destroyed by Ratatoskr, he completely ignored what happened to his soldiers; the Arbatel Pilots, and he did not even requested a ransom to his soldiers who died in the crash of Arbatel. When Ellen considered in saving the crew of Arbatel, he simply answered to let them die or be captured by Ratatoskr. However, it was all part of Westcott's plan, with the purpose of leaving some of the survivors being captured by Ratatoskr.

Westcott Gives Ellen a Day-off


Ellen in her DEM swimsuit.

In the side story of Encore 2 which is set after the Irubi Island events, Westcott is inside of DEM HQ in Japan speaking with Ellen about the recent battle with Ratatoskr but soon he changed the matter and said to Ellen, his secretery, to take a day out of work. When Ellen asked the reason of why someone like him would give her a day off, much to her surprise, Westcott answer they were going to have a meeting with other DEM executives but soon the meeting was cancelled and there was nothing to do. Ellen then decides to follow his orders and took a day out of DEM. Westcott later is seem considering taking a day out of work in the beach but his business in DEM are more important.

However, Ellen's Greatest Day was ruined by three girls known as Ai, Mii and Mai, three students from Raizen High School who became her nightmare after ruining her mission in Irubi Island. On monday, Ellen arrives at Westcott's office and is asked how was her Sunday as she late to work and add there was no need for her to scary most of his workers and officers. She answers saying it was the "best day of her life" but mentions that she hates Monday and much as her secretary's work. Hearing that, Westcott takes a chance to let her more angry and plays a joke. Westcott then says it was "Ellen's Greatest Day" as she looked like a furious beast and mentions how he loved to see her "cute expressions".



Westcott at the hotel

After the battle on Irubi Island, he appeared on the top floor of one of the most luxurious hotels of Tenguu, where he was reading documents created by Ellen, that talked about everything that was known about the Shido Itsuka and the sealed Spirits during the events at Irubi Island. When Westcott was informed that Ratatoskr was involved in the conflict of Irubi Island, he immediately decided to give them a "hell of greeting". Later, he sent Adeptus 3, Jessica Bailey, and small squadron of Wizard consisting of 10 soldiers of D.E.M corporation, the DEM Industry Alpha Team of Japan Branch, to AST HQ in Tenguu City, where they would reinforce the Japanese organization due to continuous failures of AST in capture or kill an Spirit.

No longer after, Isaac sent Jessica and her Elite Squad to capture Tohka Yatogami at Tenou Event (an educational festival which brought together several schools and thousand of students) and to kill many innocent as possible as DEM Industries' private army and needs to be in secret of the public an to prevent the society from discovering the existence of the top-secret super soldiers Wizards as Jessica Bailey and her squad were going to a full-attack plan against the Spirits in a public place. In truth, the main reason behind of that was to send a "slap" on the face of Ratatoskr for interrupting his plans. However, Isaac's plan failed when Origami and Mana defeated Jessica's forces and left her disabled. Nevertheless, Isaac also sent Ellen if there was some interference of Ratatoskr as a backup plan.


Westcott greeting Tohka

Ellen captures Tohka and takes her to the building of the D.E.M Branch. Later, when Isaac is informed about Shido's disappearance he ordered DEM to search for him as Ellen stated he would be there in a few days. After Tohka was imprisioned in a salon for hours, Westcott entered the room while Ellen asked some questions to Tohka (played for comedy). Tohka felt a feeling discomfort and felt temperature had dropped several degrees just when she saw him. He performed himself to Tohka in a formal way, but he couldn't hide his sadistic personality for too long after he told her his plans in destroying the mechanics of the reality. He tried to think in ways of how to torture her mentally, physically and sexual in order to make her go in her "original form". But when Westcott said about killing a loved in front of her, she reacted immediatally when he said that. Westcott then, noticed her reactions and asked to Ellen about her "loved one". He realized that her loved one was Shido Itsuka and the best mode to mentally torture Tohka and make her go in Inverse was to kill Shido in front of her. Hearing that, he decided to wait for him as he knew Shido was going to save her at some point.

After he found out that Shido had joined forces with Kurumi to save Tohka, Westcott triggered the spacequake alarm to all civilians to enter in government shelters in order to decrease witness. Then, Westcott sent thousand of his troops to kill Kurumi and bring Shido to him who was fighting outside of the building. Kurumi decided to play his game and summoned tens thousand of her clones to fight against the troops of Westcott as Shido made his way through DEM's defenses. And then a conflict between DEM and Spirits had started.

Despair Event Horizon


Westcott watching Tohka's reaction after witnessing her loved one being murdered

Some hours later, Westcott asks Ellen, who was fighting outside, to come return to the DEM building as everything happened according to the plan. When Shido and Miku arrive to the isolation room, they are greeted by Westcott (in the light novel, he is seated in a chair in the darkness while in the anime he leaves from the wall), who congratulates Miku and asks Shido who he is when he noticed his face. Westcott then starts laughing and saying that all this time, things were in the palm of that womans hand (the reason behind his surprise was that Shido is the boy that he murdered years ago when he tried to run away with Mio). 

After provoking Shido in a joke, he releases Tohka while saying that he's not as strong as Ellen. When Shido asks Miku to brainwash Westcott to make him open the cage, he tells Shido that he'll be in danger if he stands there while exposing an evil sadistic grin. Shido is then impaled by Ellen. Then, Westcott tells Tohka that she may use anything to stop Ellen, and if her powers are not enough, she can reach even further.

Watching her loved one about to be killed, Tohka tried to break the glass with all her strength but that was not enough. The despair causes Tohka to Inverse as she lost her self in the darkness of her mind, and thus Westcott tells the world that the Kingdom has inverted, and that they should welcome the arrival of the Demon King.


Isaac Westcott saying goodbye to Shido as he prepares to retreat.

When Tohka is fully Inverted, Westcott tells Ellen that this is the first time he's seen such a perfect Inversion, and that this is their dream. Then, he asks Ellen to defeat Dark Tohka by bringing her head to him and begin the path to their goal. During their fight, Tohka points her sword at Westcott, but Ellen protects him but was severely damaged. Then, he asks her about her opinion on Tohka. Ellen says that she's very powerful, and she won't be able to beat her with her current wound caused by Origami Tobiichi. Westcott says that they'll retreat, adding that this Inversion was a great achievement, and that he even saw an unexpected face; Shido Itsuka. As he and Ellen are leaving, he bids farewell to Shido by calling him accidentally "Takamiya" (his old name before he was murdered by the latter) in the process. However, he quickly corrects himself and says that he doesn't know anything about Shido "Itsuka" as he disappeared with Ellen, leaving all his Wizard and troops behind to meet their doom at the hands of an Inverse Tohka.

Former Friends

Unreasonably meddling with the JSDF, personal utilization of equipment and Wizards, instructing a raid plan causing harm to the public, in addition of turning every corners of the office district into a war zone...!? Even if the damage was lightly estimated, it costs more than 1 billion pounds...! We also have a big weakness grabbed by the Japanese government! How on Earth are you going to fix all of this!?
~ Roger Murdoch complained to Westcott and accused his embezzling

At the DEM headquarters in Great Britain, the board members are reviewing Westcott's actions in Japan, which caused the deaths of several Wizards and the partial destruction of the officedistrict, among other things. One of the board members, Roger Murdoch, asks Westcott what was he thinking back then. However, Westcott replies that everything was worth it, since they successfully inversed Princess. Murdoch claims that Spirits won't save DEM's future, and asks for a vote to remove Westcott as DEM's Managing Director. Westcott says that this is alright, since the board members have that privilege. When the chairman Russell counts how many raised hands there were, he says that there were none. This is because Ellen cut off their arms, since she considered this an offense to Isaac. However, Westcott says that they simply used the authority given to them. He also adds that their arms will be back to normal if they treat them with Medical Realizers, and that he'll give the company to all of them, once he finishes his "fun and self-gratification", which will happen soon.

Some time later, Elliot Woodman and Karen pay a visit to James Paddington, who was bein held as a prisoner by Ratatoskr. At first, Paddington didn't move, but then his body got used as a human speaker by Westcott. The D.E.M seem to did something to James' body or mind because he was not psychologically stable while being captured, merely acting like a zombie for most of the time. Somehow Westcott possessed James' body via a Realizer. Isaac Westcott tried to bring Elliot Woodman back to his side as he said Ellen would please if he did. However, Elliot Woodman refused to return to his side, instead he said he would do everything to stop Isaac and the DEM Industries. Instead of calling Westcott "Ike", Elliot called Westcott's full name in a righteous rage. In Elliot's eye, Isaac is no longer a friend, but merely a fiend with no hope of salvation. After that, Isaac Westcott left the Realizer inside James' body while saying he will show no mercy next time they meet. In the process, Westcott killed James by exploding his internal organs and ending the life of his subordinate.

After that, at the DEM HQ, Westcott tells Ellen that Murdoch was right, and that the loss of Mana Takamiya and Jessica Bailey will be a huge problem for targeting Spirits. Ellen, however, doesn't know who could become a good Adeptus agent besides from Artemisia Bell Ashcroft who was is coma at the time, but Westcott suggests the young Wizard who inflicted a wound on Ellen's body during the battle of Tenguu City, Origami Tobiichi.

Returning to Japan

Months passed after the battle that Isaac Westcott causedin Tenguu City was over, and as a result, the activities of DEM Industries stopped on Japan for a few months due to destruction caused by DEM forces and the Spirits, however, this did not prevent him to back again to Tenguu City, Japan.

Isaac Westcott traveled of the British Heathrow airport to reach Japan's Narita airport. The trip took three hours while Isaac Westcott again returned to Japan in private jet. Isaac Westcott made a great aura of darkness and fear wherever he went, but that did not stop people to show respect to Isaac Westcott, the most authoritative and influential businessman of the world. When Isaac Westcott arrived at Japan's Narita airport, he directly went to Japan’s Tokyo metropolitan Tenguu city’s hotel. While Isaac Westcott was in luxury car going to Tenguu City, he told Ellen that they should create a residence in Japan since they were more concentrated in this area and to avoid unnecessary travel and his secretery praised him for leaving his throne in United Kingdom but Westcott answered that he will be embarassed if she praise him like that, acting like a tsundere girl for the most of time. Isaac Westcott vented with Ellen about what happened over the last days, especially when the DEM Board of Member voted to remove him from the post of Managing Director, and he even showed his nihilism.

DAL v9 04

Ellen stabbing Natsumi

Isaac Westcott then is informed of the Spirits who were around Shido, and he realized that the Ratatoskr was associated with everything that was happening around Shido. After this, Isaac Westcott manipulated the happy moments of Shido and other Spirits, and said he would let Shido and the Spirits deepen their trusts even more their to finally kill Shido once for all and make all Spirits into their Inverse Forms. During the process of research, Isaac said there was someone manipulating everything that was happening so far and implied it was probably that woman, Phantom.  Days later after his arrival in Japan, Westcott ordered Ellen and Wizards squad to capture Natsumi in order to make her go in Inverse Form by torturing her. Some time later, Natsumi is thinking about other pranks to pull on Shido, but Ellen and other Wizards find her. They engage into a fight. After Natsumi uses Haniel several times on the Wizards, they end up becoming children. Ellen decides that she can't waste any more time and attacks Natsumi with her laser blade, causing her to release her powers, and the Wizards go back to normal. When Ellen is about to cut off Natsumi's limbs, Shido and the Spirits arrive to save Natsumi. Despite this, Ellen still has the upper hand, so Shido and the girls teleport with Natsumi to Fraxinus.

After the fight, several men try to ambush Origami, since her disciplinary punishment has been decided. At the same time, she receives a call from Ellen, who asks her to join DEM under the request of Westcott himself. Origami refuses at first, but Ellen claims that they won't hurt Shido in the mean time, and that she could have access to special Realizers and information on the Spirit that killed her parents. Origami accepts the offer, Ellen attacks the group of men, and she welcomes Origami into DEM Industries.

DAL v9 09

Ellen threatening Shido

After Natsumi escapes from Ratatoskr, Shido looks for her in his house, only to find Ellen there, sitting on a sofa. When he tries to call Kotori, Ellen takes his phone, saying that the whole house is under her Territory. She also wants to ask Shido where is Natsumi as she had orders coming from Isaac Westcott. He refuses, and Ellen tells him that the peaceful days he has with the Spirits is only because DEM allows it. In exchange for Natsumi, Ellen will let him and the other Spirits live. Shido still refuses, and Ellen takes out her sword. When she threatens to cut his ear off, Shido's phone rings, and he takes to chance to run away, since Ellen is distracted. However, she redeploys her Territory once again. This time, she receives a call from headquarters, and leaves before saying that Shido is a lucky person.

While she's out on the street, she explains the situation to a subordinate. An artificial satellite is falling on Tengu city, and it's aiming at Westcott. Apparently, the board directors are trying to seize power by killing Westcott. Ellen felt regret for not chopping off their heads instead of their arms. She gives the subordinate orders to evacuate and to retrieve any Sephira Crystal that may be left behind.

When Ellen finds out that there's an artificial satellite falling on Tengu city to assassinate Westcott, she goes to the hotel so that they can evacuate. However, he is far from worried. He even claims that he must praise Murdoch on his attempt, and that Woodman's organization won't let Shido and the Spirits die. However, he decides to take some counter measures, since Ellen insisted. He thinks it's a good chance to test the Mordred CR-Unit, so he dispatches Origami to do the job.


I want to congratulate him for his 'magnificent plan'. However, I also have other objectives to him.
~ Westcott, about an arrested Murdoch.
DAL v10 06

Ellen issuing her demands to Kotori

Days after the attempted assassination of Westcott, Isaac realized that Murdoch was responsible for the assassination. However, instead of killing him, he simply ordered to arrest Murdoch and the rest of the DEM Council that helped in the conspiracy. After Ellen show her dissatisfaction to Westcott's personality in showing mercy, he mentions to Ellen that he would help Origami to kill the Spirits or make her catch one of them, and let Origami do whatever she wanted; resulting in Shido being kidnapped.

Ellen asks Westcott if it's alright to let Origami act on her own judgment. To this, he says that he doesn't mind, since he wants Mordred's battle data and, if Origami is successful, he will put his hands in one or two Sephira Crystals. However, he also says that the bribe needed for the JGSDF became larger than usual. When Ellen looks unsatisfied, Westcott tells her that he has a different target for her: she'll use the airship Goetia to stop any support from Ratatoskr.

A while later, when Kotori decides to use Fraxinus to rescue Tohka, Kaguya, Yuzuru and Miku from Natsumi, the ship is attacked by Goetia. Ellen communicates with Kotori, and after telling her that her age or looks don't affect her personal abilities, she voices two requests. First: everyone in Fraxinus has three minutes to evacuate the ship. Second: the escaped survivors will give Woodman a message from Ellen, saying that she's coming for him. Then, a huge battle ensues between both airships and, after Ratatoskr believed they had won, Goetia fires at Fraxinus, greatly damaging it and killing most of Ratatoskr's combatents and non-combatents officers.

After the fight and some other missions, Ellen returns to Westcott. While he congratulates her, she regrets the fact that Goetia got hit once, and claims that Ratatoskr has an outstanding crew. After this, they talk about Origami, who became a Spirit recently. While she was an amazing Wizard, they are still going to target her. Westcott then orders Ellen to go after Origami, completely ignoring the fact she was once his ally. Once Inverse Origami appears, Shido and the others try to get to her, but they are attacked by Ellen, who claims that they can't hurt an Inverse type and added that Isaac wanted her alive no matter what. However, Kaguya and Yuzuru manage to distract her, giving Shido enough time to reach Origami.

New Timeline and Material A

Yes.----It’s about time we try making our perfect inverse type?
~ Westcott to Ellen

In the DEM Industry Japan branch, Westcott regrets the loss of the Spirit Devil, and claims that, other than Princess, he's never seen such a perfect Inverse type Spirit. While he wonders about what could have made her go inverse, he tells Ellen that the facility from Neryl Island, which is owned by DEM, has finally given results regarding Material A, with a success rate of 75%. Westcott claims that it's time they made their own perfect inverse type.

DAL v12 c01

Shido flirting with Ellen

Later, Westcott says that Ellen can take a rest for now after many days of hard missions. Soon afterwards, Ellen decides to go out to eat her favorite strawberry shortcake, but the cold weather annoys her. She remembers a subordinate who told her "Japan's winter is not a big deal". Then again, that subordinate was from Alaska. Suddenly, while thinking about adding strawberry shortcake to the company menu, she bumps into Shido. He tells her that he had feelings for her since their last meeting. And even though she is from DEM, she should go over to Ratatoskr. Ellen thinks this is a prank, and activates her Territory to crush Shido. However, he is unaffected by it. Then, she starts attacking Shido, but he dodges and blocks all of her attacks. After some more attacking, Shido lifts Ellen in a princess carry manner. Next, Shido decides to kiss Ellen, but ends up kissing her forehead since he doesn't want to force an unwilling girl. He goes away, and Ellen claims that she'll never forget this. With teary eyes, she returns to the company building, escaping from the public eye and from her chance to eat strawberry shortcake.

Meanwhile at Neryl Island, the DEM operatives are transporting the second Spirit, Nia Honjou, also know as Material A, out of Neryl Island, are attacked by Kurumi's clones, who was hunting down Nia Honjou to know informations about the First Spirit that Westcott, Elliot, Karen and Ellen summoned 30 years ago. The DEM Wizards are quickly overwhelmed, until Artemisia Bell Ashcroft (who was finally awake from her coma but had her memories altered to the point that she couldn't even recognize Origami Tobiichi who helped to save her life years ago) appears, wearing a CR-Unit like that of Ellen, and beheads several clones. After that, she uses her Territory to paralyze all the clones, and then kills the Kurumi that was leading them, thus securing the transport.

Some time after that, Westcott calls Ellen to his office. Back at the company building, she makes her way to Westcott's office, while thinking about what happened with Shido. Irritated, she hits the wall, but the pain makes her crouch down on the spot with teary eyes. Westcott then informs her that the Spirit Nightmare attacked the transporter that was carrying Material A. However, they solved the problem thanks to the new Adeptus 2. Changing the subject, Westcott informs Ellen about some strange Spirit readings. Ellen recognizes this "Spirit" as Shido Itsuka and claims she'll bring the target's head, however, Westcott reminds her that he prefer a living sample, as he bemuses over the cause of Ellen's overly ecstatic attitude. Westcott then wonders why Ellen is so angry and jokes at her cute behavior. Later, the Material A reacted to Shido's power when the DEM plane approached Tenguu City, causing the plane to fall along with the Material A, but apparently Westcott was aware it was coming.

After the fall of the plane Westcott called the two pilots, Knox and Burton, personally in his office. Because of their failure, it made the two pilots thought they were going to die at that moment, however, much to their surprise Westcott gave them a vacation and a reward for their failure. This confuses both pilots, to which Westcott adds that the treatments will be under insurance. However, Knox explains that they expected a punishment for letting Material A escape. Westcott then tells them that they are both great staff, who remained calm when Kurumi attacked, and he also planned to release Material A. Despite his kind words, Knox and Burton felt that they were being punished somehow by Westcott himself; being viewed as animals in a zoo.

Becoming Spirit & Dark Nia

Thanks for you work, Artemesia. Looks like it was a right decision to have you hide yourself just in case. — Itsuka Shidou and everyone from Ratatoskr. Let me thank you too. Thanks to you, I'm able to get one step closer to my long-cherished wish. Let's meet again soon, Itsuka Shidou and all spirits. Do enjoy the rest of your peaceful days even though you only have a little left.
~ Isaac Westcott becoming a Spirit.

Westcott becoming Inverse Spirit

Some days later, Ellen, Artemisia and Westcott are driving through Tengu city, and he once again says that Knox and Burton did an excellent job. Had they released Nia themselves, there would have been traces. Ellen does not agree with his decision of letting Nia go. Westcott reminds her that they were stuck for years trying to inverse Nia. But he also reveals that they didn't just let her go. They embedded a Realizer inside Nia's brain to make her forget what happened during the last 5 years. However, when Westcott gives the signal, that Realizer will activate, forcing Nia to remember everything and trigger her inversion. Then, he reminds Ellen of their dearest wish and tells Artemisia that he's counting on her as well.

Later, after Westcott noticed Nia found her peace and hope again, he activates the Realizer in her brain that was blocking her memories of her past during her time as guinea pig in DEM facility, forcing her  to remember all torture he and his scientists did to her for the last 5 years; some of those tortures included opening her skull, removing her intestines, cutting her belly, cutting her limbs and brutal sexual tortures. As a result, Nia loses her sanity and screams in pain as she enter in Inverse Form. When Shido is trying to save Nia, Westcott appears, and greets Shido as Artemisia rushes to Nia and rips off her Qlipha Crystal. Then he congratulates Artemisia on her work, and puts Nia's Qlipha Crystal in his chest as he becomes a Spirit. 

53924923 p0

Westcott succeeding in invert Nia.

After that, Isaac decided to try to use his new Spirit powers in invoking Beelzebub and creating an army of dark monsters. However, Isaac commanded they should go because his body would not endure several Inverted crystals and he was already happy to put his hands on the Demon King. His last words was "let's meet again soon, Itsuka Shidou and all Spirits. Do enjoy the rest of your peaceful days even though you only have a little left" before disappearing in the sky with Artemisia and Ellen.

In the building of his company, Isaac was happy like a child discovering a new toy while discovering the his new Spirit's powers. When checking out of curiosity, Isaac discovers that the world had already been rewritten once Shido Itsuka traveled to the past and changed the future to save Origami Tobiichi. He also discovered his powers were in incomplete form since Shido Itsuka had managed to make a part Nia's human mind back to her, but he did not bother with it and said it was a good result and was a step toward to his long-cherished wish.

Mukuro Planet

DAL v14 06

Mukuro destroying DEM forces.

A few days later, Westcott calls both Ellen and Artemisia to his office to inform them that Beelzebub has been receiving interference from an outside source, which he theorizes came from Sister's survival. Despite this heavily restricts the Demon King's omniscience function, he still managed to decipher the information he needed just in time. Thanks to this, he has found the location of a new Spirit. When Ellen questions where the Spirit is, he responds by raising his index finger and pointing to the sky.

Despite sending an entire armada against the new Spirit Zodiac, the fleet and troops are easily destroyed and Zodiac> retaliates by transporting the debris simultaneously to DEM's international facilities. Seeing this display of power, Westcott notes that he never expected the vanguard troops to defeat her, implying he sent them to a suicide mission, but praises this power for its excellence. The tracking satellite remaining then notes that the Zodiac has remained at its previous coordinates. Reading Ellen's intentions, Westcott nods his head and decide to leave the capture to Ellen and Artemisia as it was troublesome to have his facilities around the world being destroyedm. After Ellen leaves, a nearby Wizard questions if it is really okay to let Ellen go to outer space. Asking if his subordinate is questioning his orders, the Wizard quickly retracts her statement, saying that she is wondering if Ellen can still fight after finding out about that thing. As the Wizard muttered in a feeble voice, Westcott shrugged his shoulders and notes that this is how it should be. As he uncovers his right hand, a black levitating tome materialized with the instructions on how to capture to the new Spirit. He remarks that he expects a lot from Ellen, but for a long time, she wouldn’t want to avoid getting bathed in blood from head to toe. As he finished, Westcott lets out an indifferent laugh.</span>

Much later, Westcott and his forces launch an all-out assault to the secret Ratatoskr facility with hundreds of drones and soldiers, having preciously discovered its location from Beelzebub. Per chance, he runs into Shido and his group just as they were racing towards the new Fraxinus. Seeing him present, Origami and Tohka immediately assume their limited Astral Dresses in an act of rage to kill him for everything he had done. Tohka's attack blows away the Wizard that is accompanying him, while Origami prepares to fire her laser from her Metatron. However, Westcott easily blocks the attack by summoning a book page to shield himself, with him noting that such a pathetic attack won't be able to harm him in his current state. As Westcott grins in a bewitching manner, he notes that this would be a perfect opportunity to test Beelzebub's abilities. As he activates Ashufiriya, enormous books start emerging underneath Shido and his group, eventually swallowing them in. As the Wizard asks where they had gone, he remarks that they are within a fairy tale, trapped in a fantasy. However, rather than focus on Shido, their current target takes precedence at the moment. He smiles and states that he is looking forward to meeting his old friend, Elliot, in person.

Fighting Ratatoskr

Westcott intercepted Woodman and Karen just as the two were about to enter their emergency escape helicopter. When questioned by his timely arrival by his old colleague, he admitted that he had to use his own intuition since the Demon King Beelzebub's information network was still scrambled by Sister. After exchanging pleasantries with his old friend, Westcott was asked if he had come to kill them. In response, he retorts that would defeat the entire purpose of not bringing Ellen along. If possible, he wishes to bring both Woodman and Karen back to DEM. Upon hearing Woodman's refusal, he responds by summoning Beelzebub and asks his old rival to at least entertain him.

The result of the battle is not shown. However, Westcott had lost one of his arms in the conflict and retreated with his forces. As Ellen raced back to DEM headquarters after her defeat by the new Fraxinus EX, she demanded to see Westcott over not being told about the raid on Ratatoskr's headquarters. However, much to Ellen's frustration, she finds that Westcott was in the middle of a Realizer treatment to recover from his wounds. Despite this, he happily waves his severed limb in front of both Ellen and Artemisia. He admits that he was magnificently defeated by them. Still, the front half of his severed arm was successfully recovered, so he should still make a full recovery by tomorrow. After hearing the medical staff's concern over continuing his treatment, Westcott tells them that he will have to postpone their chat until the next day and they should go heal their own wounds in the meantime.

Shido's Death and the Apocalypse

Let that Sister throw a spanner in the works of my rootling around for all I care. With adequate welly, even the tiniest chink in Ratatoskr’s circumspection won’t be kept under their hats any longer. ——It’s about time we thoroughly proceeded with slaughter. Mercy is uncalled for. Flaunt the might of humanity’s strongest Wizard to your heart’s content.

~ Isaac Westcott to Ellen Mathers and Artemisia Ashcroft
DAL v16 01cz

Westcott summons his daughters; Nibelcol

Days after his battle with Ratatoskr, Westcott found himself in a state of inability inside of the DEM Industries Branch thinking in his next step after Mukuru managed to escape from his grasp thanks to the Sealed Spirits of Ratatoskr. Inside of the branch, Westcott calls Ellen and Artemisia to his office but when the latter enters in the room she notices a dark presence coming from the chamber and immediately thinks it was the Spirit Nightmare, Kurumi Tokisaki, who was attacking Westcott but it turned out it was nothing but himself. Westcott then explains to Ellen that her failures against Ratatoskr create a perfect scenary where he will be victorious and says the current circumstances shall precipitate the best-case scenario. Isaac then says it's time to end this and it is time for the massacre starts with a new kind of trick, when the proud Adeptus 1 questions him for doubting her strength, the director answers that Ratatoskr has now too many Spirits under their thumb and their numbers are too overwhelming even for Artemisia and Ellen and decides to bring "reinforcements" to assist them in this quest. Isaac Westcott then invokes several pages from his Demon King Beelzebub and summons several girls known as Nibecol, whom he named as "Daughters of the Demon King", leaving Ellen and Artemisia in shock.

DAL v16 02

Kurumi and Mana fighting Westcott's daughters

Later, Ellen and Artemisia plans to ambush Shido Itsuka soon after he left Raizen High School with Kurumi Tokisaki but the Wizards were intercepted by Mana Takamiya, who prevented the assassination by attacking Ellen before she could attack. However, using Westcott's Demon King abilities, Ellen summons several Nibecol to attack Mana, who later mocked Ellen for being Westcott's lover and said their father (Isaac Westcott) had bad tastes. Ellen, following Westcott's orders, ignored Mana and retreated, Mana tried to follow her but was stopped by Nibecol who prevented her from following Ellen. Mana later received the help from Kurumi Tokisaki's clones and fought Nibecol until evey single one of them were destroyed but it was later revealed they are immortal.

Later in DEM Branch, Nibecol blamed Ellen for being the first failing in the mission, that was enough for Ellen lose her cool and tried to kill Nibecol but she was stopped by Westcott who entered in the room as his daughters took cover behind him. When Westcott asked the reason of failure Nibecol claimed that there were many annoying people in the battlefield, such as Mana Takamiya and Kurumi Tokisaki's clones that stopped them from killing Shido Itsuka. Westcott then suspected that someone leaked the plans of his attack, or rather, the attack itself. Even so Isaac refused to accept defeat and planned another attack very soon.

This time, to ensure victory, Westcott sent Ellen, Artemisia and Nibecol in a surprise attack end Shido's life and the best moment for this was when Kurumi finally decided to confess her feelings in roof of the Shido's high school, thus creating a scenary where all Spirits, including Kurumi, will go into Inverse Form through seeing their loved one being murdered in cold-blood. Later, when Kurumi was chatting with Shido about sealing her powers, Nightmare (Kurumi Tokisaki's codename), was about to confess her feelings for Shido when suddenly Ellen impaled Shido's chest as they were distracted. The Spirits who were saved by Shido from AST and DEM so far, were watching the scene and rushed to save him but were stopped by Nibecol as they claimed it was time to make the dream of their "daddy" real.

Despite their efforts to pass through their defenses Nibecol displayed her masoquist and nihilistic personality by receiving all the attacks while laughing. In response to the attack, Kurumi summoned several of her clones as well and the roof became a rain of blood as Kurumi and Nibecol sliced and impaled themselves in a bloody batte. As Ellen watched the battle while stepping in Shido's back, Kurumi tried to save him but Artemisia cut off her arms before she could reach him. While everyone were distracted with Nibecol and Artemisia, Ellen claimed it was the end of Shido's life, in despair, Tohka and the Spirits begged for Ellen to stop but she ignored their words and pierced Shido's heart as everyone were watching, thus finally killing him and forcing the Spirits to watch his death.

DAL v16 08

Kurumi about to undo the future

During the confusion, Kurumi and her clones managed to escape as the mana of all Spirits who were sealed by Shido so far started to become dark, meaning that everything went according to Isaac's plans; all Spirits fell in despair and were becoming Inverse Spirits.

At last, there was a sharp alarm ringing throughout the town (the Spacequake alarm), but it was already too late. A huge tornado weltered around the school building, which had been reduced into rubble, magnifying the damage to the surrounding structures one after another. Then, a condensed jet-black light expanded radially from the center of the building. As far as one could see, the landscape had transformed into scorched earth and ending the lives of thousands in a second. As the Spirits' black energy started to grow even more, starting the Apocalypse, one of Kurumi clones managed to recover Shido's body during the process and the former tried to revive him with her the Fourth Bullet Dalet but it proved to be useless as it was impossible to bring someone back to life. Due to her failure, Kurumi fell in depression for having killed thousands only to know it was all in vain, she later looked at the world and saw the reality was about to end. During the climax of Westcott's plan (the end of the reality), Kurumi used her Sixth Bullet Vav to return to the past (days before the attack) before DEM could create such chaotic future where Isaac Westcott is the victorious.

DEM's Full-Scale War Begins!

I will kill Itsuka Shidou. No matter how many times you go back. No matter how many times you reset the world. No matter how many times you revise history. I will do it so thoroughly so that you will never be able to overturn it. Well, try and fight it if you can ──Worst Spirit.
~ Westcott's message to Kurumi Tokisaki

Back at DEM HQ, Ellen and Artemisia were in a room filled with Nibecol clones waiting for Isaac Westcott to arrive from his company duty. During this time, Westcott's daughters annoyed Ellen by asking many questions to her, such as: “How was Otou-sama ("father" in Japanese) like when he was younger?" and many other nonsenses. When Ellen asked Nibecol to be quiet but they answered back only to have the wizard calling them as monkeys. When Westcott arrived, Nibecol immediately rushed at him and said Ellen was hurting them and called her a person with the brain of a gorrila, much to Westcott's amusement, however, this time Ellen used her Territory to kill one of Westcott's daughters by squeezing her to death. For Westcott and Ellen, this degree does not fall under death. It was a sensation similar for them to lightly tap their fingertips against something. In fact, the rest of the Nibelcol did not lament over their companion’s annihilation, nor Isaac Westcott. The director then asked Ellen to calm down as he does not want to lose more allies. Westcott exposed a thin smile before walking towards where that piece of paper fell down on the floor reaching out to touch the object that was just a Nibelcol just a moment ago. The moment after that touch, the paper emitted out a faint light just before a girl suddenly appeared from within the sheet. It was the exact same Nibelcol that Ellen had strangled with her territory just earlier.

Westcott then go to the point and says that he is awared that Kurumi Tokisaki altered the timeline by returning to the past thanks to his omniscience granted by his Demon King Beelzebub, the omniscient Demon King that Westcott had stolen away from Nia months ago. Later, Westcott informs that Kurumi is awared of his plan to kill Shido Itsuka and force all Spirits go into Inverse Mode (Westcott's plan in killing during Kurumi's confession) and so the same plan is not going to work. During their conversation, Nibecol entered in their way and said Ellen was the reason why they failed, with this, the Wizard once again tried to the Nibecol clone but they hide themselves behind Westcott who was explaing that as long the Angel Zafkiel is on the hands of Kurumi Tokisaki, it will be impossible to take progress as Kurumi can always return to the past to change the future where DEM will be victorious. Having heard this, Ellen envisioned repeating an endless trial and error to avoid having a beloved from being slaughtered. Even the strongest Wizard Ellen was left shivering in fear. For Nightmare, Tokisaki Kurumi to have endured that kind of thing up until now, it was enough to sincerely respect her despite being an enemy.

As Westcott continued, he planned to end Kurumi's mission by showing the true strength of his company to make her give up on Shido Itsuka and her new "friends". Westcott suggested mobilizing all of DEM Industries’ resources to completely decimate Itsuka Shidou and added that even if Kurumi already knows what will happen, it will be to the extent of being absolutely impossible to prevent from occurring. In the process of this operation, he might start a war of full scale in Tenguu City and end the lives of millions but he doesn't show interest in the lives of civilians and considered a side-effect. Westcott then add that Kurumi's hopes and ideals, everything will become severed when he show the true force of his armada. After saying that, Westcott’s smile grew darker as more Nibecol clones arrived in the room through the vent of the office. Nibecol clones then showed a freshly decapitated head of a Kurumi Tokisaki and informed him that some clones of Kurumi Tokisaki were sneaking around DEM's territory. Westcott then gave his praise to Nibelcol and his daughter let out a cheerful and bashful “eh” sound. For Ellen, it might have even resembled a cute interaction between parent and child were it not for the blood from the severed head dripping on her hands. However, Nibecol continued and said that many of her clones managed to escape after listening to Westcott's plans, however, the director did not mind the fact as long as Zafkiel is in her hands, Kurumi will find out eventually what DEM is planning. Isaac then looks at the roof and asks if there are still clones of Kurumi listening to his words and ask them to send a message to their master, saying he will definitely kill Shido Itsuka and end their miserable lives. Later, Kurumi's shadows shaked in anger and left the room to inform to Ratatoskr that Isaac Westcott is coming with his armada to put an end to the war between DEM and Ratatoskr that has been happening for 3 decades.

The Final Battle Begins

Many days after Westcott declared war, the heroes spent days working in a plan to counter-attack Westcott and his armada that were regrouping from all over the world in United Kingdom to launch a full-assault to Tenguu City to put an end to Shido and Kurumi's lives. When the day had arrived, the DEM Industries had 30 space ships, tens thousands of Wizards, thousands of Bandersnatch and Nibelcol's clones, not to mention Ellen Mira Mathers and Artemisia Bell Ashcroft, two of the World's Strongest Wizards. Westcott then ordered his forces to charge at the enemy with full-force and leave no survivors. If someone of Ratatoskr's ranks survive, execute them or torture them to death and if a civilian witness his armada, shoot them down, no matter if they are women or children. When DEM fleet was near the town, Ratatoskr immediately rang the spacequake alarm to make all population of the city enter in the Anti-Spacequake shelter to reduce the number of civilian victims, however, Westcott was not amused and considered in sending troops to shoot all population of the town in the shelter to find Shido if he refuses to show up.

Despite Ratatoskr's efforts to stop Westcott's armada they had only 5 space ships and places of Tenguu City that were remodeled by them to become artillery bases, hundreds of Wizards who were outnumbered, plus the 10 Spirits and Mana Takamiya, a former Wizard from DEM Industries. Before the battle began, Origami and Mana revealed their plan to defeat the Bandersnatch; that is by defeating Artemisia and insert the jamming code in her brainwave implated by Westcott to rewrite her memories, which will supposedly disable the Ashcroft-Beta Realizers that the Bandersnatch units are using. When the DEM fleet arrived, Westcott gave no chances to truce as he had enough of Elliot Woodman and the war begins, with both sides at a stalemate until Isaac Westcott orders all units to sortie, and then Ratatoskr and DEM's army fought in the skies of Tenguu City, however, it took not so long for the battle go to the ground where Spirits, Wizards and Bandersnatchs fought each other in a bloody battle, resulting in many deaths and destruction below.

At the same time, Westcott orders the AST's HQ from the Japanese Anti-Spirit Team, to charge in to fight against the Spirits to support DEM Industries in this matter for the "greater good". However, Westcott ordered his soldiers to use AST as baits to distract the Spirits and Ratatoskr's Wizards to take the chance to shoot down the enemy. When one of the DEM soldiers targeted the AST by using them as baits, Mukuro (ironically, one of the Spirits they were trying to kill) saved the AST leader by redirecting the laser back to the DEM Wizard herself thus killing her, the AST then decided to ignore Westcott and Japan Ground Self Defense's orders and fight against DEM instead as they had enough of Westcott and DEM in their country. On the battlefield, Westcott watched the war while Mana, Origami, Mukuro and Yoshino went up against Artemisia, however, she was able to go up against them all while explaining DEM gave her power to fight them all. Things went worse when Nia told that Ellen was going over there to back her up, but Ellen then was stopped by Elliot Woodman himself, the leader of Ratatoskr, who was all young again, leaving her surprised as he was an old-man just a few hours ago. At another place, some of Westcott's Nibelcol were facing against Ratatoskr’s Wizards, which were ended up saved by Tohka and the Yamai siblings... and their target Shido. The Nibelcol immediately went to charge towards him, and while Tohka managed to obstruct several of them, one managed to pass through and head towards Shidou with intentions to kill him in Westcott's name. 


Shido and Kurumi surrounded Nibecol

During the battle, Kurumi tells that she wanted to kill the First Spirit and change history so that Shido can live, but Shido reject her plan since it would mean he would not be meeting with Kurumi, not to mention that if she kill Westcott, Ellen, Karen and Elliot in the past, he would never have known none of the Spirits. Thus he decided on a plan where Kurumi lets him seal her and then by using Zafkiel, Shidou will go back 30 years ago and seal the First Spirit without killing Westcott and the others. Then he will go through history, until the day where he and Kurumi will meet again. At this moment, a Nibelcol went to kill Kurumi but she was protected by eye-patch Kurumi instead, who then tells her to be honest to her heart before disappearing.

Before Shido can finally seal Kurumi, a hand appeared from Kurumi’s chest, just like what Shidou saw happened at the rooftop when Kurumi pierced her hand towards the clone Kurumi back in Volume 3. But this time, it was not a hand that pierced through her, but a hand that came from inside of her and was trying to get out. Then after a moment, the First Spirit who was summoned by Isaac and his friends appeared, who was revealed to be Reine Murasame, the mother of Shido who had her loved one killed by Westcott's hands. The First Spirit--Reine then thanks Kurumi for being her best friend until the end after all.

Battle with Shido

As the battle continued following Kurumi's death by the hands of Mio Takamiya, also known as the First Spirit, Westcott then arrives with the Nibelcol and Beelzebub in hand and watch the battle between the Spirits. At this moment, Mio summons Ain Soph Aur and giant flower appears in the air. And from the center, the silhouette of a young lady as if praying together is standing there, who turns out to be Mayuri (a non-canon Spirit from the film universe). As Mio utters the word “bloom”, death begins to spread indiscriminately. As the DEM forces witnesses Mio's power far out of their imagination appear, the members of the DEM are panic, but Isaac Westcott laughed madly as he witnessed the power of the "Gods". In the surrounding area, whether "Nibelcole", "Bandersnatch", the Wizards or even the giant warship, anything that touches the bright particles emanating from Ain Soph Aur disappears like smoke.

DAL 18 c03

Shido fighting Westcott

During the battle with Mio, Shidou was flying over the city of Tenguu and saw the Ratatoskr and DEM battleships still fighting each other. On the flight, Shidou confronted the Nibelcole, and Isaac Westcott, who were waiting for him. Shidou them says that he now remembers his entire past, including his memories of having been killed by Westcott; including his former identity as "Shinji Takamiya" before his death. While talking with Shido, Westcott asked his help to defeat Mio as he admits that she is too powerful for him and his forces alone. Obviously, Shido refuses as he is only willing to join with him for his selfish reasons. With that said, the fight between the two broke out.

During the fight, Shido is using Gabriel to strengthen his body, riding on the winds from Raphael, and holding the Sandalphon in his hand, surrounded by "Nibelcole", and Westcott with Beelzebub as he claim he would be of better use if he decided to join him to stop Mio together. After a long and fierce battle, Shido notices he is in disadvantage thanks to Westcott's Beelzebub that gifted him with omniscience and knows exactly each movement of the hero.


DAL 18 04

Shido firing Ougi Roaring Flash Wave at Westcott

While fighting, all attempts to give a fatal blow in Westcott were denied thanks to the presence of the director's daughters, Nibecol, who literally used their bodies as meat shields to protect Westcott. With the mighty weapon in hand, Shidou crushed the Nibelcole clones but continued in disadvantage thanks to Westcott's Beelzebub that was blocking all his attacks.

After many harsh attacks from Westcott, Shido was slowly losing his stamina and needed to use a skill that even the Beelzebub does not know about. Shido then came to a conclusion and used the power of all Spirits he sealed so far in a wave energy blast, something that Westcott nor Beelzebub were expecting since they did not investigate it yet. While Shido shot his last attack, the Nibecole tried to protect him once again but failed due to the speed of the attack, causing Westcott to in sheer confusion as his omniscience was denied for the first time.

Westcott was mortally wounded and lying motionless on the ground while Shido approached him and planned to finish off the cruel mage. However, just as Natsumi and Miku thought Shidou was about to finish Westcott, he changed his mind and only used Michael's Power to lock Westcott's Beelzebub. When asked why he didn't finish off the man who caused the suffering and death of millions, including his friends and family, Shido replied that he don't want to be like him.

Just as Shido began to walk away, the world suddenly turns black and white. From Westcott's chest, a gray Sephira soars as Miku and Natsumi fell to the floor lifeless. As Shido looked around in confusion, he saw Mio who had just extracted the Sephira Crystals of all Spirits around them, taking their lives in the process. Westcott and the last Spirits lost their lives. As Mio and Tohka fought in a last standing battle, Shido used the Kurumi's Zakfiel to return to the day before the final battle between DEM and Ratatoskr began to change the future where Mio killed all Spirits.

Volume 18 Past Fragment - "Westcott's Justice"

Altered Timeline