Heard that, Shido feel the Spirits are taking their breath. Shido feel the incongruous feeling from Westcott he feel since they first him is expanding. Westcott's nature could not be described in just cruel or brutal but rather 'abnormal'. The truth of the vague fear he feel from Westcott is not a fear toward someone with power, but rather toward someone without compassion and without a shred of humanity.
~ Volume 13

Early Life

Date A Live-First Spacequake00:59

Date A Live-First Spacequake

Westcott grew up in a town of mages who could use sorcery along with his childhood friends, Elliot Baldwin Woodman and Ellen Mira Mathers somewhere on the world. However, one day a group of normal people (humans) who feared the power of mages burned down their village and probably killed everyone living on the town as well since no mages were show on series so far. Westcott, Woodman and Ellen survived and watched their village being burned from a distance. This event caused Westcott to have a change of heart and gained hatred for humans as an act of revenge. Afterwards, he gained a desire to create a new world, one with only mage living in it by wiping out all humans from the world. This became the first step to the creation of Deus Ex Machina Industries.

Westcott, Woodman and Ellen spent their youths learning everything they could about sorcery in order to find a way to create a Spirit, a being born from the mana of the world which they could use to achieve their goal. Around the same time, the orphaned Westcott was adopted by a rich couple. However, the couple ended up dying in an accident, leaving their entire fortune to Westcott. During his time as the heir of the fortune of his family, he founded DEM Industries with Woodman and Ellen.

Around 30 years ago, Westcott began to set his plan for a new world into motion. Using a sorcery that he, Woodman and Ellen had created, they gathered a huge amount of mana from the world into one place and successfully created a spirit, along with an alternate dimension in the process. However, this also caused a first space quake which destroyed a large portion of Eurasia and killed 150 millions of people on the process, though Westcott, Woodman and Ellen were protected by protective barriers. Afterwards, seeing the destruction that he had caused, Westcott simply laughed insanely. Following the first spacequake, DEM became a huge company since their Realizers, which Westcott seems to have invented, helped with the reconstruction of the world. However, the spirit he, Woodman and Ellen created managed to escape from them and ended up causing smaller spacequakes around the world for six months before suddenly disappearing.

DEM eventually found the spirit, now going by the name Mio Takamiya, living with Shido and Mana Takamiya, who are both her children. In response to this, DEM abducted Mana and hunted Shido and Mio down with all his military. Westcott eventually confronted Shido and offered to hand over Mana in exchange for Mio, his mother. Shido tried to run away with Mio, but Westcott shot him in the chest with a gun. This, however, caused Mio's powers to manifest, allowing her to escape with Shido. At some point after this, Woodman defected from DEM and founded Ratatoskr to prevent Wescott from achieving his desire of a mage only world, but one of the reason why he left was his love feelings for Mio.


Westcott in DAL spin-off prequel.

1 decade later, a human girl named Nia Honjou mysteriously became a Spirit. While at first causing spacequakes like the other Spirits, at some point Nia was able to reintegrate herself with society. However, curious about where she came from, she used her angel  and found about her former life. Following this, Nia started to use Rasiel to find information on everyone she encountered. As a result, she discovered the dark side of humanity, causing her to believe she could never trust anyone. Because of this Nia fell in love with the 2D world of manga and video games, since the characters in there could never harbor negative feelings towards her. However, she still wanted to live in society so contact with others was unavoidable. As a result, Nia started to treat others as if they were just characters in a video game, communicating with them but having no real interest in them as people.

Around 10 years ago, she was able to get a job as a manga artist under the pen name of "Souji Honjou". The Manga written by her, "Silver Bullet", ended up becoming a hit. However, 5 years after she became a manga artist, Isaac and his company discovered her existence and send Ellen Mira Mathers to capture her. Ellen managed to defeat Nia and capture her alive by catching her by surprise through a sneak attack. The fans of her manga only knew that she had disappeared and it was believed to be because of an argument between her with her editor. While in DEM's captivity, Westcott and Ellen put Nia through horrible physical, psychological and sexual torture, such as cutting her belly while alive, opening her skull, her hands and legs got cut by a millimeters after another to make her go into her Inverse Form. However, no matter what they did she did not Inverted.

2 decades later, at some point, Isaac Westcott send his troops to kidnap Mana Takamiya from Takamiya family for unknown reasons. It is not known what happened Shido and Mana parents after Westcott's order but at that point Westcott caused the sad destruction of Takamiya family. After DEM kidnapped Mana Takamiya, Westcott turned her into a Wizard in doing horrible experiments in her body when she was a child. Westcott's action resulted in remaining her lifespan to about ten years. Not long after that, Isaac installed a realizer in her brain to block her memories about her past, resulting in amnesia. Soon after, Westcott filled Mana's mind with lies saying that she was abandoned by her parents, and he was the person who gave her a home on DEM.

At that time, Isaac has invested his money from DEM in creation of weapons and military hardware for the entire planet in order to maintain a false hope for human race that humanity has salvation in exterminating the Spirits, the cosmic beings that threatened life on Earth.


Isaac appears before Edgar in order to kill him

Later, Isaac had put all forces of his company in looking Spirits' radiation on the Earth. A girl named Artemisia Bell Ashcroft from Special Sorcery Service, saw the efforts that the DEM was doing to find the Spirits, and save mankind. Artemisia offered her own body to Isaac's company to create a new weapon for humanity to help to kill the Spirits and save Human race. Taking Artemisia in hands, Isaac put Edgar F. Caroll as leader of the new project that would bear fruit for Westcott's plans in the future; which the project called Ashcroft Project that would be carried out in extracting Artemisia's mental forces and turning her memories into a deadly weapon. However, Edgar used this opportunity to betray Westcott and remove someone malefico like him from DEM command and take the post of DEM Managing Director to himself. However, Edgar plan was failed by the treason of Minerva Liddell.

When Isaac realized the Edgar's treason he cut his head off and ruthless killed all other officers who served in Edgar research team. In the new timeline, Isaac called Artemisia Bell Ashcroft, but in the new timeline Isaac brainwashed Artemisia to serve him as a "reserve Wizard". Since then, Westcott has hidden Artemisia from SSS.


Wescott on the teaser of Date A Live Season 2.

Months later, ​​Isaac Westcott received a call from the police of London asking for his help to stop a mass assault on a bank, the criminal organization Yard was attacking a bank with more than 100 people hostage. In response to the request, Westcott requested the presence of the Adeptus 1, 2 & 3 (Ellen Mira Mathers, Mana Takamiya and Jessica Bailey) who were currently in London before the spacequakes mysteriously begin in Tenguu City. However, only Jessica and Ellen were present in the Westcott's officer. He explained the current situation of the crime, he mentioned that the assault was being led by Charllote Meyers along with two other former Wizards of SSS, that were Daisy and Izabell, the trio were punished and expelled from the SSS for abusing of magical power that were given to them. After they had been expelled from SSS, they became Wizards of the criminal organization, Yard. After Westcott explained the situation to Jessica and Ellen he asked where Mana was at that moment. Ellen mentioned that Mana was going to the bank before she left the building of D.E.M.  

Sir Isaac Ray Peram Wescott with Ellen Mira Mathers (background)

Months later, Isaac and his company noticed a large number of apparitions of Spirits in Tenguu City, Japan. He decided to sent Mana Takamiya to kill the Spirit that had killed 10,000 people, Kurumi Tokisaki. However, from behind those good goals, he was just trying to show the strength of the D.E.M to AST and destroy peace that AST had put in Tenguu City. And he had plans to capture some of these Spirits as well. Days later, Mana was defeated by Kurumi, and he finally sent White Licorice to give assistance to AST. However, White Licorice was stolen by Origami Tobiichi. After reading Origami's report, Isaac showed interest in Origami and saw that she could be useful for him.

Arrival in Japan


Westcott reading the information about the identity of Tohka.


Isaac Westcott and Ellen Mathers first appearance.

During the first episode of the second season Westcott and Ellen were as lawyers on the trial of Origami for her crimes against military laws in JGSDF; she stole a White Licorice from one of the deposits from JGSDF.  Westcott was the only person who was in defense of Origami, he became interested in Origami when he discovered that there was a Wizard with power enough to control the White Licorice, he wanted to her to enter as Wizards in D.E.M Industries, he was interested in the most powerful Wizards in the world for him to accomplish his goal, after he being successful in defending Origami, he was looking for more information about her. 

Westcott with Origami

Ellen gave the location information of Tohka using the AST reports. Isaac Westcott questioned AST actions, and asked why they had not captured Tohka yet; Ellen told to 

him that AST was trying to capture Tohka peacefully without doing any harm to civilians. After Isaac Westcott heard that, he made a cheerful speech how he would plunge the city in hell, and he decided that the DEM would assume the mission, Isaac said that they would complete this task "faster and easily".


Westcott hiding his evil grin

After he finds the location of the Spirit Princess, the Spirit that had disappeared in Tengu City 3 months ago, he ordered Ellen to capture Tohka, and also sent Arbatel, James A. Paddington and the Arbatel Pilots to the mission at Irubi Island. Westcott and Ellen made ​​a brief appearance early in the episode in one of the deleted scene that can only be found in Blu-Ray version of the Volume 1. In an attempt to persuade Origami after he heard her case with White Licorice, he said to Origami if she wants something she can contact him. Ryouko Kusakabe also wondered why a world famous person would travel from Europe to Japan just to solve such a case. After he given his personal telephone number to Origami, he left the place trying to conceal a diabolical smile.


Isaac tries to call Origami to his side

Yamai Arc

After the Arbatel got destroyed by Yamai in Irubi Island, Ellen confirmed that Princess, was the Spirit that had disappeared on Tenguu City 3 months ago before their arrival. After Ellen confirmed the location of Tohka, she asked to Westcott if there exists a  human capable of possessing the powers of the Spirits. After she said Westcott became interested in this Shido and requested more information of what happened in Irubi Island.


Westcott after manipulated Origami's fellings

Although Westcott have one of his spacecraft destroyed by Ratatoskr, he completely ignored what happened to his soldiers; the Arbatel Pilots, and he did not even requested a ransom to his soldiers who died in the crash of Arbatel. However, it was all part of Westcott's plan, with the purpose of leaving some of the survivors being captured by Ratatoskr.

War and Despair


Westcott reading Ellen's report


Westcott at the hotel

After the battle on Irubi Island, he appeared on the top floor of one of the most luxurious hotels of Tenguu, where he was reading documents created by Ellen, that talked about everything that was known about the Shido Itsuka and the sealed Spirits during the events at Irubi Island. He also sent Adeptus 3, Jessica Bailey, and small squadron of Wizard consisting of 10 soldiers of D.E.M corporation, the DEM Industry Alpha Team of Japan Branch, to AST HQ in Tenguu City, where they would reinforce the Japanese organization due to continuous failures of AST in capture or kill an Spirit. No longer after, Isaac sent Jessica and her Elite Squad to capture Tohka Yatogami at Tenou Event (an educational festival which brought together several schools and thousand of students) and to kill many innocent as possible. Isaac showed he was willing to kill thousands of innocent just to "slap" Ratatoskr's face. However, Isaac's plan failed when Origami and Mana defeated with Jessica's forces. Nevertheless, Isaac also send Ellen if there was some interference of Ratatoskr.

Isaac Westcott finally captures Princess

Ellen captures Tohka and takes her to the building of the D.E.M Branch. After she was imprisioned in a salon, Westcott entered the room while Ellen asked some questions to Tohka (played for comedy). Tohka felt a feeling discomfort and felt temperature had dropped several degrees just when she saw him. 

Westcott saying his goals to Tohka

He performed himself to Tohka in a formal way, but he couldn't hide his sadistic personality for too long. He tried to think of how to torture her mentally, physically and sexual in order to make her go in her "original form". But when Westcott said about killing a loved in front of her, she reacted immediatally when he said that; Westcott then, noticed her reactions and asked to Ellen about her "loved one". He realized that her loved one was Shido Itsuka and the best mode to mentally torture Tohka and make her go in Inverse was to kill Shido in front of her. His plans was to send his troopers to capture Shido in the whole city, but his troopers were interfered by Kurumi Tokisaki.

After he found out that Shido had joined forces with Kurumi to save Tohka, Westcott triggered the spacequake alarm to all civilians to enter in government shelters in order to decrease witness. Then, Westcott sent thousands of his troops to kill Kurumi. Kurumi decided to play his game and summoned thousands of her clones to fight against the troops of Westcott. And then, the Tenguu War was started.

Despair Event Horizon


Westcott ordering Ellen kill Shido in front of Tohka

After Shido enters the Torture Chamber at the D.E.M Industries Bulding No.1 of Japan Branch, Westcott ambushed Shido in the chamber where Tohka was imprisioned, he then separated Shido and Tohka by a glass wall and forced Tohka to watch Shido was about to be killed by Ellen to make her go to turn her hope in despair. He succeeded in making Tohka went in her inverse mode after she was mentally stable and laughs if he had won after Tohka was turning in Dark Tohka.

Isaac Westcott saying goodbye to Shido as he prepares to retreat

Isaac Westcott was proud to see Tohka in her Inverse Form and compliment her appearance and power of the Demon King, however, he was not interessed in her appearance or power and ordered Ellen snatch Dark Tohka's head to take her Inverted Sephirah Crystal.

Ellen went into combat with Dark Tohka, during the fight, Ellen completely destroyed the roof of the building. Dark Tohka tried to attack Isaac Westcott, forcing Ellen to protect him, after Ellen say to Isaac Westcott that she was in disadvantage because of the injury done by Origami, Isaac Westcott ordered to retreat with a teleportation as he said goodbye to Shido, and left an evidence that he has some relationship to Shido's past. Running from the crime scene and the war that he created, he leaves the rest of the world to die in the hands of the Demon King, including his soldiers were left behind. After that, Isaac Westcott and Ellen were no longer seen. They had returned to Britain.

However, Shido successfully sealed Tohka's spirit power as well as Dark Tohka, foiling Westcott. Nevertheless, even this did not brought the chaos to an end - It was only the beginning.

Former Friends

After Isaac Westcott returned to Great Britain, he brought a huge share of taxes to pay for the destruction of Tenguu City, Japan, caused in the Battle of Tengu Heaven against Kurumi Tokisaki and others Spirits. The price to pay for the destruction caused by Isaac Westcott was 1 billion of pounds.

Unreasonably meddling with the JSDF, personal utilization of equipment and Wizards, instructing a raid plan causing harm to the public, in addition of turning every corners of the office district into a war zone...!? Even if the damage was lightly estimated, it costs more than 1 billion pounds...! We also have a big weakness grabbed by the Japanese government! How on Earth are you going to fix all of this!?
~ Roger Murdoch complained to Westcott and accused his embezzling
In an act of pure hatred, Roger Murdoch voted to withdraw Isaac Westcott from the post of Managing Director of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries due to him leading the company to the verge bankruptcy. Half the members of the Board of Members agreed to withdraw Isaac Westcott as director of company, however, in a blink of eyes all of them had their arms cut off by Ellen, in an instant the room where they were in turned into a puddle of blood, as they lay on the ground dying slowly. Isaac Westcott made ​​a joke about were lying on the floor like a bunch of worms: "There are Medical Realizers prepared in the medical office. If you join it back immediately then it would probably go back to normal after a few days. Go now. You all are splendid talents shouldering DEM’s future. Don’t you think it is ridiculous to lose one hand from something like this?" After Isaac Westcott had mutilated his subordinates, he left the room with Ellen and Russell with a robotic smile.

Isaac uses Origami's hatred for Spirits to make her his loyal slaughtering machine.

Not long afterwards, Westcott realized that James A. Paddington survived the destruction of Arbatel but was captured by Ratatoskr. The D.E.M seem to did something to James' body or mind because he was not psychologically stable while being captured, merely acting like a zombie for most of the time. After the bloody mutilation of the DEM Board of Member, Westcott used James' body to communicate with Elliot Baldwin Woodman at Ratatoskr HQ.

Somehow he possessed James' body via a Realizer. Isaac Westcott tried to bring Elliot Woodman to his side. However, Elliot Woodman refused to return to his side. Instead of a good response to Isaac Westcott, he said he would do everything to prevent Isaac and the DEM Industries. Instead of calling Westcott "Ike", Elliot called Westcott's full name in a righteous rage. In Elliot's eye, Isaac is no longer a friend, but merely a fiend with no hope of salvation. After that, Isaac Westcott left the Realizer inside James' body. In the process, Westcott killed James, making him vomit with blood and ending the life of the "expendable pawn".

After killing James and ending his conversation with Elliot Woodman, Isaac called Ellen to his office at British HQ of DEM Industries. Isaac Westcott spoke to Ellen about the loss of Adeptus 2 and Adeptus 3 in Tenguu City battle, and he decided he would call an "extraordinary Wizard" that made a wound on Ellen's body during the Battle of Tenguu, Origami Tobiichi, to replace the two Wizards, Mana Takamiya and Jessica Bailey.

Returning to Japan

Months passed after the battle that Isaac created in Tenguu City was over, and as a result, the activities of DEM Industries stopped on Japan for a few months due to destruction caused by DEM forces, however, this did not prevent him to back again to Tenguu City, Japan.

Isaac Westcott traveled of the British Heathrow airport to reach Japan's Narita airport. The trip took 3 hours while Isaac Westcott again returned to Japan in private jet. Isaac Westcott made a great aura of darkness and fear wherever he went, but that did not stop people to show respect to Isaac Westcott, the most influencial businessman of the world. When Isaac Westcott arrived at Japan's Narita airport, he directly went to Japan’s Tokyo metropolitan Tenguu city’s hotel. While Isaac Westcott was in luxury car going to Tenguu City, he told Ellen that they should create a residence in Japan since they were more concentrated in this area and to avoid unnecessary travel (Ellen thought Isaac Westcott was making jokes again). Isaac Westcott vented with Ellen about what happened over the last days, especially when the DEM Board of Member voted to remove him from the post of Managing Director, and he even showed his nihilism.

Isaac Westcott then is informed of the Spirits who were around Shido, and he realized that the Ratatoskr was associated with everything that was happening around Shido. After this, Isaac Westcott manipulated the happy moments of Shido and other Spirits, and said he would let Shido and the Spirits deepen their trusts even more their to finally kill Shido once for all and make all Spirits into their Inverse Forms. During the process of research, Isaac said there was someone manipulating everything that was happening. Days later after his arrival in Japan, Westcott ordered Ellen and Wizards squad to capture Natsumi in order to make her go in Inverse Form. Ellen almost captured Natsumi twice, however, this plan was failed when Natsumi was rescued by Ratatoskr. Instead in looking for her, Westcott ordered Ellen to found Origami and make her join the Deus.Ex.Machina offering "power" to kill the Spirits. Manipulating her hatred for Spirits, Westcott was successful in bringing Origami to his side.

Despair Is Falling

The inhuman Westcott's action brought a desperate situation on the population of Tenguu City. After Isaac have cut off the arms of the members of DEM Board of Members, they conspired to remove him from the post of Managing Director in brute-strength. They not made it only to remove Westcott from the position of director, but they also did it for revenge. A conspiracy led by Roger Murdoch, resulted in a catastrophic plan; launch the Satellite Humpty Dumpty as a meteorite to kill Westcott, however, the whole city and the whole population would die in the process. A gigantic explosion would sweep all life on the area.

Ellen tried to warn to Westcott about the situation, however, Westcott was simply drinking a wine and overseeing the city during the chaos as if nothing was happening. Westcott told Ellen that he already knew the situation. The reason for that Westcott was calm, it is because he already had a plan; he indirectly manipulated the whole Ratatoskr and all Spirits to prevent the destruction of the city. He also praised Roger Murdoch's plan for used a method so cruel to kill only one person. Westcott was impressed with the level of wickedness within Murdoch and said he had underestimated Murdoch. He was not only impressed by the inhumanity in Murdoch, but he also said that he would "praise" Murdoch if he came back to Great Britain.

After Westcott has informed to Ellen about the situation in which he manipulated, Ellen calmed down herself and decided to watch with Westcott the war between Bandernatchs and the Spirits on the skies of Tenguu City while thousands of people were released in chaos and despair.

A Better Place for Inhumanity

I want to congratulate him for his 'magnificent plan'. However, I also have other objectives to him.
~ Westcott, about an arrested Murdoch
Days after the attempted murder of Westcott, Isaac realized that Murdoch was responsible for the attempted murder. However, instead of killing him, he simply ordered that Murdoch was arrested. Isaac was struck by the inhumanity within Murdoch's heart and let him live to transform the "world a better place for evil". After Ellen show her dissatisfaction to Westcott's personality in showing mercy for people, he mentions to Ellen that he would help Origami to kill the Spirits or make her catch one of them, and let Origami do whatever she wanted; resulting in Shido being kidnapped. He found that Ratatoskr was a interference and he said would get rid of the Fraxinus (Ratatoskr aircraft) that was interfering in his plans for a long time; sending GOETIA to destroy them, also resulting in "sky-war".

After Ellen succeeded in destroying Fraxinus using GOETIA, Westcott praised Ellen' skills. He also felt very happy when he learned that Origami, his own Wizard, had become a Spirit. Even though she has served him at one point, he completely ignored her loyalty and decided to hunt her down.

New Timeline & Material A

When Shido changed the past by travelling 5 years ago on the past, Westcott and Origami had never met face to face. However, Westcott was aware of Origami's existence as the Spirit Devil. After Shido managed to save Origami and she was taken into the Ratatoskr, Westcott considered it as a great loss for him. The reason for this is because Origami always appears in her Inverse Form and a Spirit can only go Inverse "When pushed into deepest abyss of despair", as he described it. Westcott also ended up taking an interest into what made her go Inverse in the first place. But to give a final blow, Isaac called Neryl Island, a secret organization in DEM that based in Neryl Island, a secret island in the Pacific Ocean, whose goal was to make experiments in Spirits.

Westcott ordered the Material A, Nia Honjou, to be delivered to Japan, even Ellen felt uncomfortable at that point. As ordered, the Material A would be delivered to Japan under the Isaac's order, however, Kurumi tried to capture the material A to find out information about the First Spirit, however, Kurumi was prevented by Artemisia Bell Ashcroft, the new Adeptus 2 that was in coma. However, the Material A reacted to Corrupted Shido Itsuka's power when the DEM plane approached Tenguu City, causing the plane to fall along with the Material A, but apparently Westcott was aware it was coming.

After the fall of the plane, Westcott called the two pilots personally in his office, it made the two pilots thought they were going to die at that moment, however, Westcott gave them a vacation and a reward for their failure, what impressed them. It was soon discovered that Westcott used their failure to create his own battle scene. Even after this, the two felt like a bunch of animals being seen in a zoo by Westcott.

Becoming Spirit & Dark Nia

"Thanks for you work, Artemesia. Looks like it was a right decision to have you hide yourself just in case. — Itsuka Shidou and everyone from <Ratatoskr>. Let me thank you too. Thanks to you, I'm able to get one step closer to my long-cherished wish. Let's meet again soon, Itsuka Shidou and all spirits. Do enjoy the rest of your peaceful days even though you only have a little left."
~ Isaac Westcott becoming a Spirit

Westcott becoming Inverse Spirit

After he left Nia escape from his hands, he mentions to Ellen that his plan was a success; the plan aimed to let Nia escape to make her remember of her former human life  in order to let her get involved in society again and remember of her past she had denied to live and finally make her go in her Inverse Form; thanks to Knox and Barton. This time, to ensure his victory, he called Artemisia Ashcroft, the Wizard he hid
53924923 p0

Westcott succeeding in invert Nia

for 1 year. After his order, Ellen faced the Spirits while Artemisia ripped the Qlipha Crystals from within the heart of Dark Nia. Isaac was happy with the result and stepped in. But seconds later, Isaac did a terribly insane and evil grin before putting the Qlipha Crystals of Dark Nia on his chest that Artemisia was torn from within Dark Nia. Soon after, Isaac had spread fear among all around to see that Isaac had become a Spirit empowered with a Inverse Spirit; which apparently broke his subtle personality to an insane mindless giggling like a sick Joker. All around finally learned that Isaac was not a normal person, but a true rough, abnormal, insane, inhuman, heartless, cold and cruel monster.

After that, Isaac decided to try to use his new Spirit powers in invoking Beelzebub and creating an army of dark monsters. However, Isaac commanded they should go because his body would not endure several Inverted crystals and he was already happy to put his hands on the Demon King. His last words was "let's meet again soon, Itsuka Shidou and all Spirits. Do enjoy the rest of your peaceful days even though you only have a little left" before disappearing in the sky with Artemisia and Ellen.

In the building of his company, Isaac was happy like a child discovering a new toy while discovering the his new Spirit's powers. When checking out of curiosity, Isaac discovers that the world had already been rewritten once Shido Itsuka traveled to the past and changed the future to save Origami Tobiichi. He also discovered his powers were in incomplete form since Shido Itsuka had managed to make a part Nia's human mind back to her, but he did not bother with it and said it was a good result and was a step toward to his long-cherished wish, and stating that the next time when he and Shido meet again... will be the final battle.

Mukuro Planet

DAL v14 06

Mukuro destroying DEM forces

1 month after Westcott have gained the powers of Dark Nia, he tested his powers to get information from the Spirits, because at that point he became a omnicient. Westcott has discovered the location of the new Spirit, the Spirit called Mukuro that isolated herself from humanity by living in the vacuum of space. However, Mukuro was discovered by the Westcott's Beelzebub and he immediately launched a fleet of three ships and 90 drones to the planet's atmosphere to capture her. However, the whole Squad were easily destroyed by Mukuro, the same person has the power to control gravity of the whole earth.

Westcott was happy while watching his officials being killed by Mukuro and joyfully praised her powers. However, the meteorites that were released by Mukuro fell in many DEM bases around the world, killing many civilians as well, forcing Westcott send Ellen and Artemisia into space to deal personally with Mukuro to prevent his facilities from being destroyed. One of Westcott's Wizards tried to question Westcott but she was easily intimidated by the fear of being killed. After that, Westcott summoned Beelzebub's book and looked for the location of the base of Ratatoskr to launch a massive assault to Ratatoskr HQ, but this time, he would personally meet the leader of the enemy organisation, Elliot Woodman.

As a result of his attack, Mukuro launched many meteors Earth (possibly killing millions).

Fighting Ratatoskr 

An hours later, Isaac found the location of Fraxinus and prepared his ship and his Bandersnatchs squad. Minutes later, he attacked Fraxinus while the heroes did not expect a massive attack of that magnitude. With dozens of Drones, Isaac wore a Combat Realizer Unit and invaded Fraxinus, however, he met Shido Itsuka and all Spirits. Origami, without hesitation, attacked Westcott with light rays but her attack was easily countered by Westcott's Celestial power. One of the Wizards of Westcott appeared in front of him, using herself as a shield for him while he was activating the Beelzebub Book. However, the Wizard was defeated and Tohka advanced to kill Isaac but before anything could happen, Isaac activated <Ashufiriya> ability, an ability to transport a person to another fictional dimension within a book. All Spirits, Shido included, were sucked by the books. Westcott mocked Shido, saying to enjoy his moments of happiness in the illusory world that he created. After that, Isaac and his Wizard walked through the corridors of the ship to find their archenemy and Isaac's former friend, Elliot Woodman.

Westcott intercepted Woodman and Karen just as the two were about to enter their emergency escape helicopter. When questioned by his timely arrival by his old colleague, he admitted that he had to use his own intuition since the Demon King <Beelzebub>'s information network was still scrambled by <Sister>. After exchanging pleasantries with his old friend, Westcott was asked if he had come to kill them. In response, he retorts that would defeat the entire purpose of not bringing Ellen along. If possible, he wishes to bring both Woodman and Karen back to DEM. Upon hearing Woodman's refusal, he responds by summoning <Beelzebub> and asks his old rival to at least entertain him.

The result of the battle is not shown. However, Westcott had lost one of his arms in the conflict. As Ellen raced back to DEM headquarters after her defeat by the new Fraxinus EX, she demanded to see Westcott over not being told about the raid on Ratatoskr's headquarters. However, much to Ellen's frustration, she finds that Westcott was in the middle of a Realizer treatment to recover from his wounds. Despite this, he happily waves his severed limb in front of both Ellen and Artemisia. He admits that he was magnificently defeated by them. Still, the front half of his severed arm was successfully recovered, so he should still make a full recovery by tomorrow. After hearing the medical staff's concern over continuing his treatment, Westcott tells them that he will have to postpone their chat until the next day and they should go heal their own wounds in the meantime.

Fighting Elliot

Westcott intercepted Woodman and Karen just as the two were about to enter their emergency escape helicopter. When questioned by his timely arrival by his old colleague, he admitted that he had to use his own intuition since the Demon King <Beelzebub>'s information network was still scrambled by <Sister>. After exchanging pleasantries with his old friend, Westcott was asked if he had come to kill them. In response, he retorts that would defeat the entire purpose of not bringing Ellen along. If possible, he wishes to bring both Woodman and Karen back to DEM. Upon hearing Woodman's refusal, he responds by summoning <Beelzebub> and asks his old rival to at least entertain him.

The result of the battle is not shown. However, Westcott had lost one of his arms in the conflict. As Ellen raced back to DEM headquarters after her defeat by the new Fraxinus EX, she demanded to see Westcott over not being told about the raid on Ratatoskr's headquarters. However, much to Ellen's frustration, she finds that Westcott was in the middle of a Realizer treatment to recover from his wounds. Despite this, he happily waves his severed limb in front of both Ellen and Artemisia. He admits that he was magnificently defeated by them. Still, the front half of his severed arm was successfully recovered, so he should still make a full recovery by tomorrow. After hearing the medical staff's concern over continuing his treatment, Westcott tells them that he will have to postpone their chat until the next day and they should go heal their own wounds in the meantime.