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You are all so pathetic, struggling to be worthy of God's love. It's only when you face real despair, that you find your sympathetic selves. So, i'll show you the pain, i'll take everything away from you, and oh how you will show your colors. So that those who survive this reign of hell on earth will be worthy of God's love, the rest of you will join us beneath the bedrock of justice! The Prophecy is almost fulfilled, i will take the thousand years and bring you rapture like you have never seen before! You know nothing about true pain, i will show you true horror!
~ Isaac Gilmore

Isaac Gilmore is Lucius Wagner's evil older half-brother and the main antagonist of the game Lucius 2: The Prophecy.


Isaac was born in a small town called Ludlow, where he began to brainwash the residents and therefore starting his own apocalypse. After finding out that most of his followers were committing suicide, Lucius discovered that a former St. Benedict Hospital patient with powers similar to him was gathering an army of followers, which Lucius eventually turned into his followers. After destroying Isaac's plans of creating an army, he was finally found by Lucius in his hometown, where he fought with Lucius and was merciless killed by his younger half-brother.


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