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Isaac Frost

Isaac Frost is the heavy weight champion of the world and the main antagonist of the game "Fight Night Champion".


At the beginning of the game Isaac is seen more as an arrogant, full of himself jerk who doesn't really seem like that big of a threat! But as the game progresses Isaac gets stronger and stronger and also more intimidating! When André Bishop gets released from prison he finds out that his brother Raymond has a scheduled fight against Frost! André advices his brother to call off the fight but his plead falls on deaf ears and Raymond sets out to fight Frost! The fight dosent go to good however and Raymond loses and almost gets killed in the process! André in a moment of blind anger wants revenge and challenges Frost to fight him! André eventually wins the fight and becomes the new heavy weight champion!

How to beat Isaac Frost Champion difficulty *DESCRIPTION*28:22

How to beat Isaac Frost Champion difficulty *DESCRIPTION*

The fight with Frost!



  • Isaac Frost stands at approximately 6.5 feet tall and weights around 300 pounds and his boxing stats surpasses both Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali in their prime!
  • The final fight against Isaac is often referred of being one of the hardest final bosses in video game history (and from a personal point of view i could not agree more!)
  • In a weird sort of way Isaac is a hybrid of all the Rocky villains from all the movies...

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