Isaac Evers

Isaac Evers was a scientist who invented the miracle drug Prometheum and an antagonist in Batman: Vengeance


Isaac conducted his research in Gotham Industrials. His most renown experiment would be the Prometheum compound which he would use for to cure people who have been cryogenically frozen. The government thought thought the drug was too unstable that it had several flammable particles. As a result, Isaac Evers' federal funding was pulled. A year later, Isaac's budget was funded by the Joker, using the money he received from a successful bank heist. The Joker knew about the qualities and had his own plans for the drug. Regardless, Isaac was able to continue his research thanks to the Joker.

A videotape of Isaac Evers' drug Prometheum was sent to Mr. Freeze. It angered Freeze because he tried to use the drug on himself but it didn't work. Mr. Freeze attacks the pharmaceutical company Gotham Industrial with his Ice Maidens and searched for Evers. Once Freeze found Evers, he and his maidens kidnapped him and Freeze left the building with the scientist in his helicopter. Batman escaped the ice trap Mr. Freeze placed him in earlier and chased down Freeze with the Batplane. After a long chase throughout Gotham City, Batman rescues Isaac Evers and tells him to go into hiding. Evers told the Dark Knight about his work and does not know how Freeze obtained the videotape about his drug. Mr. Freeze and his Ice Maidens returned to Gotham Industrial and searched for Isaac, wrecking most of Isaac's lab in the process. Batman arrived at the building to learn more about Isaac and defeated the Ice Maidens. Mr. Freeze confronts Batman and demands him to tell him where Isaac Evers is. Batman defeated Mr. Freeze by freezing him with his own gun.

After Mr. Freeze destroyed Isaac's lab in his search, Isaac Evers tried to collect money for the damages. Unfortunately, Evers couldn't collect for the damages without revealing the names of his financial backers who is the Joker. So Isaac Evers masterminded an insurance scam that involves the Gotham Gasworks. He plans to burn down all of Gotham Industrial to collect the money. Evers hired the Joker's men to help him burn down the complex and used the Joker's toys to throw the cops off his tail. But the clown henchmen eventually betrayed him, tied him, and decided to use the toys to burn down Gotham City. The Dark Knight defeated the henchmen and found out Isaac Evers' role in their scheme. Batman delivered Isaac Evers to the police to be sent to Stonegate Penitenary.

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