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Never take stuff that doesn't belong to you.
~ Isaac's advice to Phantom R

Isaac is a minor (tertiary) anti-villain from the game Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure, who is set to return as a major villain in the sequel. Despite being the father of protagonist Phantom R, he supports Napoleon Bonaparte.



Isaac started making forgeries to pay the Doctors for Raphael, who was sick as a child. For that reason he joined Jean-François and the "Chevaliers Diabolique". Three years prior to the story, Isaac left Raphael with nothing but a coin, which made him become Phantom R. He stole Napoleon's gasket to revive him beneath Les Invalides.

The Emperor's Treasure

Isaac was first seen in the shadows beneath Les Invalides talking to Leonard Bonar, while his servants attacked Phantom R. Isaac and Bonar were able to escape.

In the end, he talked to Napoleon on the Eiffel Tower, informing him about Bonar's death and asking for permission to begin the "next phase" of their plan.

Basic Information


Isaac doesn't seem to show much emotion, making his personality remain mystery. He not even shown one when leaving his only child alone on the road. Althought he always told Raphael not to take stuff that doesn't belong to him, he was appearently a thief himself. This fact supported by Raphael's discoveries in his father's secret room.

Powers and Abilities

Isaac has high intelligence and experience with burgling and stealing. Furthermore, he is a very talented forgery artist.


Forgive me, Raphael.
~ Isaac's last words to Raphael
Time to awaken, emperor. It is time.
~ Isaac to Napoleon
Your stand-in, Leonard Bonar, perished when the Gardens fell, my emperor. Time still remains, before your body can be completely restored. With your permission, I would like to begin the next phase of our plan. Be ready, Raphael.
~ Isaac


  • Since he only had minor and flashback appearances in the game, his full story and motives are not revealed yet.
  • His relation to Napoleon can be compared to the one of Jean-François and Leonard Bonar.

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