Irontail Peter Cottontail

January Q. Irontail

January Q. Irontail (also known as Irontail) is the main antagonist of Here Comes Peter Cottontail. He was once the Easter bunny and was nice, but when a kid accidentally roller skated over his tail, he had to replace his tail with a prosthetic iron once he hated kids ever since and became evil. Irontail will stop at nothing to stop Peter by being the Easter Bunny and he wants to rule April Valley so he won't be bothered by children. He also has his henchmen named Montressor, a bat who fly and help him ruined Easter.



  • In Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Irontail was voiced by the late Vincent Price, who later voiced Professor Ratigan and Zigzag, In Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Irontail was voiced by the late Roger Moore.

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