Iron Tube Mask is the twelfth of the Black Cross Army's independent Masked Monsters. He is the first Black Crusader Monster to not be easily defeated by a normal Goranger Hurricane Ball.


Iron Tube Mask emerges after a campaign of destroying EAGLE bases that gets the Gorenger's attention. Facing them, he ends up withstanding multiple attacks of the heroes, including Akarenger's Red Bute, Aorenger's Blue Cherry, Midorenger's Midomerang and even the Gorenger Storm! After gaining the attention of the Black Cross Furher, Iron Tube Mask reveals his plan of using knowledge from a spy to abduct the master of the Snack Gon snack shop, believing him to be Edogawa Gonpachi, the Gorenger's commander. After abducting the chef, he places him under various tortures including electroshock and water splashing to force him to talk, only to get defiance from the commander (keeping his guise on) stating he knows nothing about being the commander of the Gorenger.

When the team reaches the Masked Monster once again, Iron Tube Mask confronts them, using his tubes to attack and even stab Kirenger in the behind, leading to a spinning combo attack between him and Akarenger that makes him dizzy. Aorenger then shoots him with a grinder, which they use in coordination with a Gorenger Storm to make the ball stick to his head, destroying him.

Modus and Arsenal

Iron Tube Mask's main weapon is a staff made of snake pipes that he can use as a whip or as a staff; he can also emit smoke for escapes. His main ability is the ability to withstand the basic Gorenger attacks, including the original Gorenger Storm.