Iron Major is a DC comics super-villain who originated in the dark era of World War II, he is notable as one of Sgt. Rock's greatest adversaries of that era - continuing a long-running theme in American comics of a heroic American soldier and their Nazi counterpart (such as Captain America and the Red Skull).

The man who would become Iron Major was born in the small German village of Mannlich, and once he joined the German army he rapidly rose through the ranks, soon becoming a major. In the early days of World War II he was sent to the Russian front as part of Von Paulus’ 6th Army. The major and his men were forced to retreat over the frozen Don River when an attacking Russian plane shattered the ice, plunging the major’s closest friend into the frigid water.

He rescued his friend, but his right hand became hideously frostbitten and was soon infected with gangrene, resulting in its amputation, as a symbol to his troops he had it replaced with an iron fist.

Due to his iron hand and his iron will his troops dubbed him the Iron Major, a name he was extremely proud of.

No longer considered fit for duty on the front line, the Iron Major was made Commandant of Stalag 9, an ancient castle functioning as a P.O.W. camp.

It was there that Iron Major first encountered Sgt. Rock, who was destined to become his greatest advesary.

Rock was the first prisoner to ever escape from Stalag 9, and Iron Major pursued him into the Forest of Forgotten Skulls.

In the ensuing fight Iron Major was badly wounded by an exploding land mine.

Iron Major is briefly sent to the present day aboard Monitor’s ship during the Crisis.

Iron Major and Sgt. Rock clashed several more times before the end of WWII. Iron Major died during the final days of WWII.

S.T.A.R. Labs opened a portal to Limbo in operation Zeppelin, and the souls of deceased villains Iron Major, Top, Clayface, El Papagayo, Electrocutioner and Icicle were seeking to escape the underworld and return to Earth through the portal.

When Director Jeffrey Simon, creator of Zeppelin, disappeared, a rescue party went through the portal, and the villains captured them.

They bargained with their demonic jailer, a demon impersonating Etrigan, exchanging their prisoners to gain temporary mortal forms, and prepared to return to Earth.

They were opposed by Hawk, Dove, and the Titans West.

The battle was fierce, but the tide turned when Jeb Stuart came down from heaven and gave Hawk his Haunted Tank.

The false Etrigan offered them a way out through another portal, but he was merely toying with the dead villains, and when he sent them through a portal, it turned out to be an entrance to Hell.