Iron Elephant

Iron Elephant

The Iron Elephant is a torture/execution device that appeared in the 2011 film Red Riding Hood. Father Solomon uses it to roast people that he sees as traitors or accused of witchcraft.

Red Riding Hood

The Iron Elephant is first seen in the movie when Father Solomon drags it in the village with his coach. Roxanne's younger autistic brother, Claude, is fascinated by the statue and touches its tusks but Roxanne pulls him away from it. Unfortunately, this forshadows the elephant's true purpose later on. When Father Solomon arrests Claude after accusing him of being a practitioner of the dark arts he reveals the elephant's true purpose. He orders Claude locked in the elephant and the guards light a fire underneath. Father Solomon takes pleasure in hearing Claude's screams while the boy is slowly dying in the elephant. It is revealed that Claude later died while being taken out of the elephant. Father Solomon then puts Peter in the elephant, but because the guards forgot to light the fire, Peter managed to escape. The Iron Elephant is not seen again in the movie so it is likely that it still remains in the village, now being unused and (possibly) ends up being destroyed by the townspeople.



  • The Iron Elephant is based on the Brazen Bull used in Ancient Greece. The Romans have also used the brazen bull (Which confirms Father Solomon's statement that the Romans used it).
  • The Iron Elephant only claimed one victim in the movie; Claude. Peter almost ended up being its second victim but because the fire was not lit, Peter escaped before it could happen
  • It is not known what happens to the Iron Elephant at the end of the movie. It is possibly not used again or the villagers might have possibly managed to destroy it due to it being the cause of Claude's death.