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Iron Dragonoids are one of the main villains from Bakugan Mechtanium Surge. They are alien Dragonoids who can multiply into an army of their own to invade Interspace Bakugan.


The Darkus Iron Dragonoid is owned by Anubias as a gift for Mag Mel, Iron Dragonoid is also called Evil Drago because of one of Drago's evil clone, he has the Razenoid's teeth and eyes on his chest rather than the Perfect Core just like Drago.

The Subterra Iron Dragonoids invade the Interspace Bakugan along with Flash Ingrams and Cyclone Percivals by causing chaos and the destructions of each planets to invade the worlds,

Some of Iron Dragonoids had the Hybrid Attribute just like Helios.

In the end of the Arc 1, all of Iron Dragonoids, Cyclone Percivals, Flash Ingrams, the Mechtogans clones and Mechtogans Titan clones disappear because of the defeat of Mag Mel and Razenoid and they was never seen again.


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