Iron Comb Mask is the eighth of the Black Cross Army's Masked Monsters under Iron Man Mask General Temujin.


Iron Comb Mask oversaw the construction of a volcano-like device underneath Tokyo, which he intended to use to completely destroy the city. The device was developed by a scientist whom the Masked Monster had kidnapped. Iron Comb Mask later sent his henchmen to kidnap the scientist's daughter, but this attempt was foiled by the Gorengers.

Kaijo then disguised himself as a worker and went undercover in the base. Iron Comb Mask eventually deduced that he was a spy and imprisoned him in the same cell as the scientist he was holding hostage.

However, the other Gorengers eventually enter the base and confront Iron Comb Mask. Iron Comb Mask fights the Gorengers and is eventually destroyed by a Gorenger Storm.