Iron Nail Mask is the seventh of the Black Cross Army Masked Monsters under Iron Man Mask General Temujin.


Iron Claw Mask easily become forced to take it to their headquarters from advice from agent 0010 (a double agent planted by the Black Cross) and a fake attack by Temujin that was easily repelled. It hoped to escape and reveal the location of the secret base to its superiors.

It reveals to have a weakness to a flickering fluorescent bulb within the hangar, which emits a deep sound that it can't take hearing. Temujin destroys the sound emitter freeing the unstoppable Masked Monster again. During a final confrontation, Kirenger uses his YTC Radio to emit the same sound, freezing up Iron Claw Mask to a special Gorenger Storm "New Operation", where it burrows underground and emerges like a mole which Iron Claw Mask reaches down to grab before it explodes.