The Iron Clan were upgraded versions of the Steel Clan and appeared in the animated series "Gargoyles" - although originally designed to be guardians to Alexander at least one of them has been used by Xanatos to attack the gargoyles of London.


Owen Burnett designed and commissioned the construction of the upgraded robots to use against Oberon when he would inevitably attack Xanatos to claim Alexander Xanatos (Xanatos' infant son). He designed them to be larger than their brother clan, the Steel Clan, and clad them in iron, as the Children of Oberon are weak against cold iron.

When Oberon attacked the Eyrie Building for the purpose of claiming Alexander, the Iron clan defended their home, but all were seemingly destroyed. Xanatos built at least one more Iron Clan robot, however, to use against the gargoyles in London protecting the artifact called Stone of Destiny.


  • The irony of the Iron Clan being an upgrade from the Steel Clan is that iron is actually weaker than steel.