Prepare yourself for a punishment so severe, your ass will be red for all time!
~ Iris Heart
You will call me Madame Goddess, scum!
~ Iris Heart
Like a bitch in heat... Control your more primal urges, you dog.
~ Iris Heart

Plutia, also known as Pururut, is a character in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, and is the CPU of Planeptune in a 1980s-parallel universe. Her nickname is Pururut and she's known for her gentle appearance but is quite difficult to read. She is introduced as Noire's close friend. In her normal form she is relaxed, ditzy, and hard to have a casual conversation with. However in her goddess form, Iris Heart, her personality drastically changes.



Plutia is very calm and collected, almost to the point of always seeming tired. She is kind and somewhat of a ditz but with minor sadistic tendencies. Much like Neptune, she tends to leave her duties as goddess ignored and spends most of her time either sleeping, making dolls, or playing around with Neptune. Plutia, also like Neptune, makes friends very easily due to her relaxed and caring nature. Plutia has a very gentle appearance, and does seems to be a good and nice person. However, she is usually skipping out on her Goddess duties, much like how Neptune would if given the chance to go and have fun instead. Considering she is seen holding a Neptune doll, she may very much like Neptune. One of her special attacks show her stomping on this doll (with a voodoo doll effect on enemies), so she may have a minor (compared to Iris Heart's) sadistic streak. She values friendship, and takes it very seriously.

Iris Heart

Plutia's goddess form, while she actually retains her carefree voice, unlike most others whose voice does change her characteristics change instead. She becomes very sadistic and cold, causing trauma for everybody, friend or foe alike. Due to this extreme sadistic streak, Neptune refers to this form as "Sadie", a play on the word "Sadist". This tendency is revealed in one of her special attacks, where she stomps on the enemy, and the players are treated to a first person view of the monster first.


Iris Heart is the goddess form of Plutia. Not only does her voice change, but her personality does too. Iris Heart (simply put) is a sadistic dominatrix which earned her the name “Sadie” from Neptune. Everyone tries their best to keep her out of this form due to her actions always proving to be bone-chilling and frightening to enemies and allies alike. While she is sadistic in this form, she still retains Plutia’s caring aspect as well; she just shows it in a more different way.


  • Her Seiyuu, Kana Hanazawa, who previously played Tomoka Minato in the Ro-Kyu-Bu series and Charlotte in IS: Infinite Stratos.
  • Plutia's slippers almost resemble a popular pink bear called "Gloomy Bear" a bit without the blood.
  • Like Neptune, Plutia's breasts drastically grows when she transforms. The reason is unknown as to why they share this trait. They also share the trait of their personalities drastically altering whenever they transform into their Goddess forms.
  • Plutia uses a doll for her weapon, which she animates with her magic. This is a reference to Pamela Ibis from the Atelier series.
  • Plutia calls Neptune "Neppy" and Blanc "Blanny", while she is called "Plutie" by Neptune. Curiously, she consistently call Nepgear "Neppy Jr." in either her CPU or human form, whereas she will refer to her other friends by their proper names when she transforms into Iris Heart.
  • Plutia is one of only two CPU characters whose attack skills are different between Human and HDD forms, the other being Peashy.
  • Plutia is based on a console prototype which has never been released from Sega called the Sega Pluto. This system was to be an upgrade to the already released Sega Saturn which had an internet connection built into the system.
    • Despite being named after the Pluto, Plutia is actually based on the Sega Mega Drive, also known as the Sega Genesis in North America. This is reflected in Iris Heart's design with her choker resembling the top of the system's first model.
  • Plutia's sadism is a reference to how aggressive SEGA was to Nintendo after releasing the Genesis.
  • In addition, the scene where Iris Heart "plays" with Arfoire is also a nod to SEGA's hostile attitude toward piracy.
  • Like Neptune, Plutia's personality and appearance undergo a dramatic change in goddess form in comparison to their human forms.
  • Plutia's usage of dolls animated by magic as a form of an attack is a reference to Lulu from Final Fantasy X.
  • Along with Peashy, Plutia's attacks between forms are entirely different from each other.
  • She's shared the similarities with Kurumi Tokisaki from the Date A Live series. Aside for both of them drawn by Tsunako, both of them also adopt a polite facade which hides their sadistic nature. The difference is, while Plutia is sadistic dominatrix (especially in Iris Heart form), Kurumi is sadistic murderer.