Irina is vampire was one of the original Denali "sisters" along with Kate and Tanya. she and Laurent were mates
Irina Denali
before he was killed by shape shifters in New Moon which caused Irina get revenge against the Cullens before she was killed by Caius after she gave false information on Renesmee Cullen.

she played by Maggie Gracie


Inrina along with her two sisters were turned vampire by Sasha who cared them as her daughters and raised as family however, when Sasha was harboring an immortal child named Vasilii; a human child that was turned and therefore couldn't learn to control himself due to his primitive mind and Volturi exeucted them in front of the sisters who were spanred by them leaving the sisters heartbroken and stuggled to balance. Irina fall in love with Laurment who is member of James's coven become couple. however Inria's happneies were shaarrted when Laurernt was killed  by Quileute shape-shifters for tried killed Bella to aveage James's death. Inria's greif turned anger on Cullen about her mate's death and blamed Bella at the wedding