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The Instigator Majini is an enemy and an antagonist from the video game: Resident Evil 5.

He wielded a Mega-Phone which he uses as a weapon as well as command with, and wears trademark sunglasses. He stands on top of the execution block, with the duty of commanding the beheading of captives as well as shouting through his mega-phone.  


Against the foreigners

During Adam and Allyson's stay in Kijuju, the Instigator ordered the citizens at Kijuju to attack the two as well as other foreigners who was at Kijuju. Instigator was angered when he saw foreigners in his home town, ordering his citizens to capture and execute them. He influenced the people in Kijuju to attack the foreigners, as well as implant Las Plagas into them.


After overseeing the execution of Reynard Fisher under his orders, the Instigator Majini notices both Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, influencing the Majini crowd to attack and kill them. Although the Instigator was killed by rather the RPG from Kirk Mathison's Helicopter or by Chris and Sheva themselves.

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