Inspector Rodriguez was the alias of an upper-level demon sent by the Source of All Evil to find out why the ranks of demons and warlocks had been decimated during the fall and winter of 1998-1999.

He was in league with the demon Tempus to kill the Charmed Ones. Tempus let him live the same day three times in order to kill them. On the first day he managed to kill Phoebe, on the second day he managed to kill both Phoebe and Piper.

He was finally vanquished for good by Prue Halliwell after he had killed Andy Trudeau on the third day. He was disguised as a detective for internal affairs with the SFPD and was investigating Andy's unsolved cases at the time. He also suspended Andy from his job as a homicide and burglary inspector.


  • Rodriguez was the final enemy in season one.
  • Rodriguez possessed enhanced hearing ability, which enabled him to listen in on a conversation between Andy and Darryl despite noise from a construction site. He also had the ability to sonic scream. He was also the first demon to possess energy balls.


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