Inspector Yellow has been tied up!!
~ Inspector Dijion
Inspector Dijion is the main antagonist in the episode "How to Really Train Your Dog" of Fetch with Ruff

Ruffman The Episode Before The Season 4 Fetch Finale. He was planning to steal The Helmet of Victory and have it in his personal collection.He was portrayed by Robert Fay.


Inspector Dijion Is a Inspector Who Plans To Steal The Helmet Of Victory For Himself And He Used To Be Inspector Yellow Because Of Ropes That Tied Him Up And he Became Inspector Dijion After Inspector Yellow Died.


Inspector Dijion was planning to steal the Helmet of Victory for himself. He meets up with the Fetchers and took The Case from Liza and put it in a secure place within a luggage and while Investigating Dijion looks down at Liza and Issac And There Finding Bottles And When The train Stopped He sends The Fetchers To Look At The Train and When The Train Left Sterling & Brian We're Left behind And It stated Raining. Later In The Train He Contacted Enginering And Tells Him That The Bridge is Up Just Like He wanted And When The Bridge is Lowered By Brian And Sterling Brian Mentioned he was A Criminal Liza,Issac,Tailia And Bethany Chase After Him and Attempted To Run To Old Sturbridge Villiage And Get That Helmet Of Victory But He Got Tripped By Bethany And Was Captured By The FBI, Police, The Fetchers And The Men In Black and was taken to the MIB Headquarters By Agents Kay and Jay For Questioning.

The Defeat

Inspector Dijion was fooled By the fetchers and was arrested by the Men In Black and was taken to the MIB headquarters In New York City for being greedy on the Fetchers And was brought in by Agents Jay and Kay. He remained in MIB headquarters for his attempted theft of the Helmet of Victory and was mentioned in The Season 4 Fetch Finale until Liza was crowned Season 4 Grand Champion and she takes it instead of Himself for a long time afterwards.