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Insanity Wolf is a mentally insane grey wolf that is the titular main antagonist of Animeme. He is the rival and arch-nemesis of Courage Wolf.


Insanity Wolf is violent and sadistic, as shown when he kills his victims in gruesome ways, such as kicking Charlie Brown than ripping his throat out and melting Frosty The Snowman with a flamethrower.


Insanity Wolf is a large wolf with red eyes and grey fur with lighter grey fur around his mouth, underside and back paws.


Insanity Wolf has made various appearances in Animeme. His first was in episode one called Black Baby and has since been in almost every episode and even had his own Christmas special where he killed characters from many classic Christmas specials in various horrific ways while singing a twisted version of Jingle Bells. His biggest role was in the season 1 finale of Animeme Rap Battles when he fought Courage Wolf in an intense battle that led to the destruction of the Earth.

On June 17, 2016, Animeme uploaded the pilot episode of Animeme Rap Battles season two. In the video, Insanity Wolf fought against Slender Man.



  • Many people believe that Insanity Wolf and Courage Wolf are related as either brothers or cousins, although this has not been confirmed in Animeme canon.

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